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South Beach Animal Hospital

1874 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Open Now
7:30 am - 7:30 pm
(305) 680-0261Directions★ Review
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Regular Hours
Mon - Fri
7:30 am - 7:30 pm
Sat - Sun

Message from South Beach Animal Hospital

South Beach Animal Hospital provides quality professional care for pets in a safe and healthy setting.
  • Updated Vaccine Protocols
  • Your Pet's Family Doctor
  • Advanced Anesthesia Safety

South Beach Animal Hospital provides high quality specialized care for your pet. We want your pet to have the best possible experience; therefore we have the safest leading edge vaccine protocols and medications. \n\nIn addition, South Beach Animal Hospital has a full service facility offering preventive veterinary medicine, consultations, routine check-ups, laboratory analysis, x-rays, surgery and dentistry - serving Miami Beach and the downtown Miami area.

General Info

When you bring your pet to South Beach Animal Hospital, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a staff that is capable and compassionate. Our doctors emphasize preventive care and client education and we'll reserve up to 30 minutes for your appointment. This is far more time than offered by conventional hospitals. You will never feel rushed and you will always have time to ask all of your questions and address all your pet's needs. We treat your pet like part of our family.

"Skill to Heal, Spirit to Care"

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Miami Beach has some of the world's finest hotels. South Beach Animal Hospital has a verity of amenities to make your four-legged friends feel like they are staying in one of them. We pride ourselves in providing only the best for the animals that stay with us. Our boarding facility is one of a kind. Themed decorated suites even give the family pet a sense of being on vacation. Our luxury suites can accommodate the largest of dogs in lush comfort. The suites are also a perfect solution for families with multiple pets including cats.

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  • Found a great Veternarian!
    Updated: 2 hours agoPosted: 11/4/2011

    We are so glad we found Dr. Mike Tenzer and South Beach Animal Hospital! Our 7-year old Corgie has had resent eye issues. We called and were able to get an appointment within 45 minutes. The office was very clean and inviting. The office staff was friendly and professional. We could tell right away they were animal lovers. Dr. Mike Tenzer checked out our pet thoroughly and prescribed medications. The cost of the visit and meds were reasonable in my opinion. I was delighted with the service provided and will be back with my pet as needed. I would recommend South Beach Animal Hospital and Dr. Tenzer to anyone needing a vet!

  • Wonderful! This looks like a s...
    Posted: 10/12/2011

    Wonderful! This looks like a small place from the outside but is very nice and pretty big on the inside, clean, simple, nice place. Great staff, great vets, very caring and treat your pets like a member of their own family. I'm very fortunate to have found this place. Dr. Tenzer is very down to earth and geunine. The boarding area for the dogs are the size of the living area in a small studio apartment w/ nice tile and the cat boarding area is very cozy. I recommend this place to everyone.

  • Wonderful
    Updated: 2 hours agoPosted: 10/12/2011

    Wonderful! This looks like a small place from the outside but is very nice and pretty big and state of the art on the inside, clean, simple, nice place. Great staff, great vets, very caring and treat your pets like a member of their own family. I'm very fortunate to have found this place. Dr. Tenzer is very down to earth and geunine. The boarding area for the dogs are the size of the living area in a small studio apartment w/ nice tile and the cat boarding area is very cozy. I recommend this place to everyone.

  • If you love your pet.........bring them here.
    Updated: 2 hours agoPosted: 6/15/2011

    I have been taking my 2 dogs to Dr.Tenzer since he opened his business. About 14 years now. I would not dream of taking my dogs anywhere else. Extremely good care, very honest. Explains everything very well and will not try to take advantage of a situation. They have gone above and beyond for me at this hospital. You can tell that they genuinly care about animals.\r\n\r\nI feel like home when going there and know that my dogs will receive the best care that they can possibly get.\r\n Highly recommend them. Entire staff is extremely good. \r\n\r\nSo if you love your pets bring them here, they will be cared for. Thank you Tenzer for everything.\r\n\r\n\r\n

  • Loyal patient
    Updated: 2 hours agoPosted: 1/22/2011

    I've been taking my dog here since the day I got him. He was a very sick puppy. I walked in without an appointment and the staff was sweet and helpful and the associate at that time, Dr. Hatfield agreed to see us. My dog ended up needing major care including a blood transfusion. Over the several weeks we saw both doctors many, many times. I am grateful to them every day I have my dog with me, because for sure, they saved his life. I am shocked to read the review of September 2010 because for all the times I have been there, I've never been made to wait and certaily have never been treated poorly.\r\n\r\nDr. Tenzer has been my dog's doctor for over 4 years now. The quality care care and compassion at South Beach Animal Hospital is excellent. My dog had a problem this week and I got an appointment the next day. We saw the new associate, Dr. Walter, who is as kind and comassionate as Dr. Tenzer. She is a great addition to the practice.

  • no great
    Updated: 2 hours agoPosted: 9/29/2010

    Went there because of the positive reviews on this site - I moved my busy agenda so I could take my dog to the Vet. Once there I waited 30 minutes for an appointment I had and then the doctor did not seem to care, he did not pay attention the my dog's breed special needs. He came back from the lab saying 'yeah, your dog's skins is FULL of bateria'... which bacteria, he did not say. He gave my dog antibiotics for 3 weeks, didnt do a thing... I have been trying to schedule a follow-up appointment but the vet's hours are very limited, the office is opened for 9 business hours but the vet is only there for 5, doesnt really make a lot of sense...

  • Always there for your pet(s)
    Updated: 6/11/2015Posted: 4/7/2010

    I have been going to So. Beach Animal Hospital, Dr. Michael Tenzer since he opened his practice in 1997 on Miami Beach with my cat Daisy. She is still around as we speak. Thanks to Dr. Tenzer. His concern, his employee's concern over the years for various and sundry illnesses etc., is exceptional. He has the most empathy for animals that you will ever want to see and cannot see any animal suffering. Extremely knowledgable and obviously over the years, I trust only him and would never in a l00 years go to anyone else. His staff has been with him for many years as well and that speaks for itself as well. Just a fabulous human being.

  • terrific place sobe animal hospital
    Updated: 2 hours agoPosted: 3/31/2010

    beats me how i got on here but i did since im trying to accomplish an idea i have for where i now live out of state...i called dr t for some input & he offered etc & said i should try this site & similar ones to get that as it may, i could make u all read my thoughts on dr t, his staff, & the hospital but i would be repeating all the good reviews i just read on here about sobe animal hospital...i will say ive never been approached to buy stuff i never needed except for the usual meds for my dogs; flea, tick, shots for the license once for 3 years they do, or the specialized dry dog food only sold by a vet...ive known & been a patient of theirs for 7 years with 2 dogs both treated by passed away on his own so to speak & the other was kept alive on a serious medical condition for 2 years when he was given just a few months...cant knock any of that...he treated my mom very well & she thought very highly of him & the entire hospital & staff & she was quite picky to say the least...dr t also was my current dogs vet until i moved out of state but they still communicate...dont your pets communicate with him when they visit the hospital? ah ha! ya never thought of that did ya...anyway, i can only say excellent things about dr tenzer, the staff, & the hospital, & if u must know his dad as well also a vet that dealt with my dog that passed on his go pay them a visit but since they are so busy, schedule a visit as if u are a prospective patient so u can have some of their time & check it all out for yourselves...oh, and yell at the city to give them some more parking spaces as i used to do...thanks, bruce

  • Compassionate Professionals
    Updated: 2 hours agoPosted: 1/23/2010

    Not to be Confused with miami beach animal hospital.\nNot sure why they changed their name to one so similar to South Beach, but I can only speak for how Dr Michael Tenzer Of South Beach Animal Hospital restored my dog's health after a previous vet had not performed adequate care for her dental issues. Zoe is 16 & now has re-gained her lively spirit of years ago after having oral surgery by Dr Tenzer & his great staff. The combination of holistic common sense with state of the art equipment & expertise is my idea of Vet Paradise. Oh, and take it from me to not to put off dental care for your best friend.

  • The best care for our four legged children
    Updated: 2 hours agoPosted: 9/27/2009

    DR. Tenzer and the staff treated us like we were family. My two small yorkies had their teeth cleaned and I was a nervous mommy. The Dr allowed me to wait for them and kept me up on all the happings. The staff was also giving me up to date info. I think they are 110%. My girls\r\nwant to thank you for the great treatment you gave to us and our pretty clean teeth. GREAT JOB DONE.

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