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2611 S Mendenhall Rd, Memphis, TN 38115
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Added on 10/24/2012


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  • 04/11/2013

    Rangemaster is one of the top training facilities in the country. The owner Tom Givens is also an instructor who often travels with his wife, Lynn, teaching courses across the country as well as at Rangemaster. Some may find the cashiers and staff "rude" but I have never thought they were. If you come into the facility as someone who believes you know everything about firearms, they can't really do anything for you. If you walk in as a student who is willing to learn all they have to teach, they will teach you the best. Firearms and shooting are not supposed to be something you do for "fun." Learning everything you can about them and how to defend yourself in any situation is what it's all about. It's called a TRAINING facility for a reason. The fun part is just an underlining bonus. At Rangemaster, they do not want to treat people as customers, they want to have them as students. They even recommended I go somewhere else to purchase my gun and even gave me contact names. I had my pistol in two days because they set me up with the right people. The staff does not even get paid! They do it because they love to. To me, Rangemaster and their instructors are the gurus to the firearms world. Get over the fact that some of the employees there may seem rude and just walk in willing to learn what they have to teach. Let them know that you mean business and want to take it seriously because guess what?! Guns are a serious matter and should never be taken lightly.

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    My son wanted to shoot his .410 and becuase he was ten he couldn't shoot peace of crap range

  • I am not allowed to bring my s...

    I am not allowed to bring my semi automatic AK-47, -OR- my Mossberg 500 with slugs, because they don't allow powerful guns up there. However, I was allowed to bring my nerf gun and shoot foam pellets at a piece of paper.

  • 12/14/2012

  • 10/24/2012


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