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Angelini Osteria

7313 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Mediterranean, Italian, European
(323) 297-0070DirectionsMap
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Saturday special - yummy!


General Info

The Osteria has become one of LA's most celebrated restaurants, voted the best Italian Restaurant in Los Angeles in 2012. It is a great place to eat traditional country Italian cuisine and a glass of a particular wine.

Payment Methods



Phone & Online Reservations, Catering & Events, Wine tasting & Full Bar, Gift Cards & Gift Certificates are available. Lunch Hours: Tue- Fri 12-2:30 pm, Dinner services: Tue-Sun 5:30 - 10:30 pm, Dinner Sat & Sun starting @ 5 pm


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  • by  on 07/08/2015

    I am in love with the food.

  • Mmmmmm, Truffles
    by  on 12/01/2013

    Had a wonderful time at this quaint and authentic Italian restaurant. They happened to have truffles on the menu and boy what a treat! Absolutely delicious - exquisite. The service was very good - very attentive wait staff. Highly recommend if you are looking to eat outstanding, authentic Italian in a very romantic setting.

  • My favorite Italian
    by  on 09/24/2011

    I never thought I would find such authentic Italian food in Los Angeles ... truly a rare gem !!!!! My hairstylist had re-commanded it . I impressed my girlfriends with this small but sophisticated family ran business ....

  • Best Italian Restaurant in LA
    by  on 05/31/2010

    Honestly... the best restaurant in LA. The thing I love about angelini is that they are always accommodating. As a vegetarian, its hard to find gourmet restaurants that will create amazing dishes for me. At angelini - every time I go, its a culinary experience. Make sure to take a stroll into the kitchen where you can find chef Ori Menashe. He is not only the best chef in LA but is super hot!

  • Best Italian in LA.
    by  on 02/01/2010

    I'm officially on the Angelini crack wagon. It hasn't even been 24 hours and I'm already craving to go back. I've been having a FML type of week and Angelini really knows how to satisfy a girl. Luckily I had the honor of coming with Erik (friend/neighbor/hunter/spearfisher) and he always raves about this place and sometimes he likes to bring in the fish/animals he's hunted for the chefs to prepare. Nothing like eating your fresh killings. MmMm blood. Which would explain why everyone seemed to treat him family the moment we stepped in the door :D At first glance, the tables at Angelini are extremely close to each other but later you don't even notice it and you never feel cramped. We started off with some prosecco and a nice variety of bread and I browsed the menu in confusion. With full page of specials, I was overwhelmed before I even opened the real menu. So when E asked if we should just let the chef cook for us, I happily agreed. We decided that five courses would suffice and yes it did. I was so stuffed toward the end, i don't know how ANYONE can manage bigger tastings. (Warning. I don't know the proper terminology no do i remember everything we ate) 1) Grilled octopus salad - this was the best octopus i've ever had. So soft and tender but had a really nice charred smoked flavor/texture. 2) Charcuturie plate with duck prosciutto, cheek on toast tips, other meats and sausage - wow! the cheek on toast was so good. in E's words 'it tastes like pure fat' 3) Tuna in orange sauce over italian rice - This was like Italian sashimi. Very good. 4) Pasta with italian sausage and white truffles - Three of my most favorite things! Very delicious and light. 5) Foie gras, melon, lobster - when this first came out i was like cool, its a piece of steak because of its charred outer crust but it was foie gras. It was sinfully fatty.. so much that it was overwhelming. Until you eat it with the melon and lobster. Mmmm. Perfect. 6) Ravioli with shrimp - The sauce deserves to be bottled and worshiped. 7) Lamb chop + melon - Top 3 lamb chops I've ever eaten (other two are melisse and chaya beverly) 8) Branzino (fish) and zucchini blossoms - Very good. The zucchini was amazing. 9) Cheese plate! - loads of variety but we barely finish. 10) Dessert - had the 'tiramisu in a cup' and some sort of cheescake/ice cream. Both good but I was so stuffed. WTF5courses right?! The portions are amazing and it was way more food than I anticipated. Angelini has officially became one of my favorite places in LA. I was with great company. The service was so nice and we were well taken care of. It definitely made my day. week. month. Until next time Angelini. Until next time.

  • Expect Good not Great
    by  on 10/16/2009

    First time there, but eaten at some great Italian restaurants, and it was good not great. Probably too popular, serve same dishes, and too many people. Suspect it was better 6 or 7 years ago. A restaurant is better at first when it experiments and is surprising. The dishes I ordered were recommended but didn't taste that extraordinary - e.g.. the lasagna verde, seemed slippery, didn't like ragu in it and the grilled lamb chops, meat excellent, didn't have enough flavor in sauce. What was surprising to me was the amount of young people who could afford the prices even though we are supposedly in a recession.

  • There are few places in the world better than Angelini's
    by  on 06/07/2009

    First of all, this is an Osteria - it's not the Rex and it isn't Melisse. Second, the food is consistently marvelous. In my years of going to Angelini's, only once have had a meal that was not excellent. For example, my last meal started with a so-so sushi appetizer (how excited can one get about raw fish?), then launched into a series of delicious courses: foie gras with fava beans and spatzle; squid ink gnocchi with lobster and cherry tomatoes, filet mignon with a parmesean cream sauce and kale; sepia with a little frisee and porcini; pizza with gorgonzola dolce and porcini. Anyone can have a bad experience anywhere. Call ahead - tell them you want the chef to choose some number of courses to try and let them cook. Tell them directly if you are not crazy about something; my guess, you will have at least two courses that will be best in class.

  • Best Italian in LA
    by  on 04/16/2009

    Chef Angelini is the best in LA. I have been to Angelini many times and every time is fabulous. I would recommend this place to everyone, make a reservation all days of the week are busy.


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