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Olympic Pet Clinic

Serving the Los Angeles Ca area
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9:00 am - 6:00 pm


9:00 am - 6:00 pm

(213) 384-7202



    by  on 02/18/2015

    DON'T GO THIS PLASE!!! NEVER EVER!!! SPECIALLY DENTAL CLEANING!! THEY DON'T HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE AND DON'T HAVE X-RAY MACHINE TO TAKE THE TOOTH!!! It's been 4 months from today. I went to this vet to do dental cleaning for my pet. I dropped my pet and Dr. Suh said needed to extraction for the molor tooth and cleaning. I knew the molor tooth was chipped. After 7 hours, I went there to pick up my dog. While extract the tooth, Dr. Suh broke the tooth until 45 MIN and remained the three root of tooth and just stitched it. She never sorry to me and didn't give me any refferal to go to other hospital to take it out the rooths. My dog is 10 years old, how come they gave him an anesthesia in 45 MIN??? And I saw my dog's belly was burned. They are put my dog in the cage with the hot pack under my dog's belly. My dog were under anesthesia... Think about this. My dog feel burn but couldn't move because an anesthesia with nobody care my dog. They just put it in the cage until I pick him up. My dog couldn't do anything....Just BURNED BURNED..... LONG TIME!!! The doctor and staff must take care of my dog but they DIDN'T!!! After I brought my dog to my home, my dog couldn't wake up easily until midnight and feel pain and let out a groan all night. They didn't care my dog at all so I was finding several vet to get treatment. My dog's belly was getting worst and worst. So, I finally found two hospital that I could treatment for my dog. I reached two different vet to new treatment which is Dentist(extract the broken roots of tooth) and sergery for my dog's burned belly. The burn was so bad about 4-5 degrees. Dr. Suh never sorry to me even she saw my dog's burned belly pictures. She is NOT entitled to treatment for every pets. Unfortunately, I didn't get to show pictures.



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