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Auntie Em's Kitchen

4616 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041
Sandwiches, American
Open Now
8:00 am - 7:00 pm
★ Write a Review(323) 255-0800Directions
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    Great little neighborhood spot in Eagle Rock for breakfasts and lunches. They have indoor seating as well as a back patio and some seriously scrumptious baked goods for dessert!

  • 09/09/2015

    Still love the red velvet cupcakes and other baked goods here, but the food is just average now. Bakery is also quite pricey.

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  • Cute place
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    This place does the job for nice weekday lunch. Relaxed ambiance, pretty good food, good service. the reason it gets 3 stars is becaus it can be a bit inconsistent on food

  • not impressed

    I waited for 5 minutes at the register and was ignored by not one, not two, but three employees before I decided to take my business elsewhere. the strange part was it wasn't crowded like it usually is, and it was Easter morning! We got parking right in the front! if it's not crowded and I can park in the front of this establishment, yet I can't even get a ""hello! one moment please.."" then that should tell me how long I'll be waiting for a water refill! Larkin's is right up the street off of Colorado and their service was amazing! their food was phenomenal! That turned my day around.. ^_^

  • Worst customer service EVER!!!!!!
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    My mom & I wanted to try this restaurant because she had heard of it in a food magazine. I have NO idea why they have so many awards...the people who awarded them must not have had human contact with any of the workers!!!! Don't get me wrong, the food was awesome(which is the only reason I gave 2 stars instead of 1)!!! (But the "Homemade Mint Iced Tea" was green water with mint leaves floating in tea at all.) However, the service we received was horrific!! Our server was probably the best person we came into contact with and even he wasn't the best. When we went to pay, "Tattoo girl" as my mom referred to her was the biggest b**** I have ever meet!! I'm in customer service so I have seen it all but she takes the cake. We walked up to the register & she was like "I'll be right with you" in a very snooty tone. Then when we ordered some pastries she rolled her eyes & acted like it was such an inconvenience for her (sorry we're giving you money for you EXTREMELY OVERPRICED items). Then my mom asked for some of the red velvet cupcakes she was like "hold on a minute" because she started ringing some other tables' credit cards up even though she was in the middle of our transaction & then when she finally came back to our order my mom repeated herself & the girl was like "EXCUSE me???" in the rudest tone I have EVER heard!!!! I was about ready to tell her to tell her forget the pastries & walk out! That girl needs an attitude adjustment!!!! I will never in my life go back to this place even if you paid me!!! These people need a class in how to treat their paying customers!!!

  • Do Believe the Cupcake Hype!
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    Just discovered this place yesterday. They don't have many cupcake choices, but what they do have -- chocolate, red velvet, coconut, pumpkin -- are phenomenal. Especially the pumpkin. That has to be one of the moistest, richest and yet lightest and freshest tasting cupcakes I've ever had. A friend of mine bartends for them too and says they're a nice lot. Always good to hear.

  • don't believe the hype -- or let them cater your event!

    Friends of mine used Auntie Em's to cater their wedding. The food was fine but the service - leading up to the event, during, and after - was horrendous. This place is super pretentious and borderline arrogant about their quality and the uniqueness of their offerings, but then they don't deliver. That's a fatal combination in a town with a multitude of culinary offerings. Good food is important but NOT worth putting up with poor customer service, whether you're throwing a big event or going out for brunch on a Sunday. Shop around before committing to any sort of relationship with these people - there are other caterers out there who are more customer-friendly AND less pricey.

  • cupcakes are delicous

    very nice people!!! I ordered a small salad and a cupcake this last visit (i've been there 3 times) and I forgot my wallet and they were so nice as to tell me to bring it next time. \r The cupcakes are always fresh and yummy (wait, not yummy because yummy's cupcakes are nasty) the salad was tasty and unique. \r I will go back again and again. very nice people and the food is tasty.\r \r

  • Even Toto would pass on this place...

    \r Arrived for dinner around 6 PM and the employees were far more intent on eating their meals, than serving the few customers in the place. Tables were dirty, most of the specials listed on the board were not available (how about taking a minute to erase them?) and the staff was slow and disinterested.\r \r Maybe this place was on the Food Network, but they are difinitely off the map now. If you even think of going here, I suggest you continue on down the 134 FWY, just a few minutes more, and enjoy the great and reasonably priced restaurants in Pasadena (where there is always parking available).

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