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Regal Entertainment Group

7901 Pat Booker Rd, Live Oak, TX 78233
Closed Now
11:00 am - 11:30 pm
11:00 am - 11:30 pm
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Regular Hours
Mon - Sun
11:00 am - 11:30 pm

Extra Phones

Primary Phone: (210) 657-4480

Phone: (210) 657-4480

General Info

Screen Count: 18

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  • Movie Theaters

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    Showtimes for: 10/2710/2810/29
    • Deepwater Horizon - PG-13, 107min
    • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 3D - PG-13, 127min
    • Ouija: Origin of Evil - PG-13, 99min
    • The Accountant - R, 128min
    • Kevin Hart: What Now? - R, 96min
    • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - PG-13, 118min
    • El Jeremías - PG-13, 95min
    • The Magnificent Seven - PG-13, 128min
    • The Girl on the Train - R, 112min
    • Storks - PG, 89min
    • I'm Not Ashamed - PG-13, 112min
    • Keeping Up With the Joneses - PG-13, 105min
    • Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween - PG-13, 103min
    • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - PG-13, 127min
    • Inferno - PG-13, 121min
    • Inferno - PG-13, 121min
    • The Nightmare Before Christmas - PG, 75min
    • Inferno - PG-13, 121min
    • The Nightmare Before Christmas - PG, 75min
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    YP rating

    • It's ok

      It's not that it's "ghetto" because it isn't, just wish they would change the seats or at least clean them. Every seat has a stain so I always wear jeans. It gets packed at night with stupid teenagers, so I prefer going early. Also, the food is expensive, but hey I'll eat what I want when I'm hungry. Oh, there's a perverted ticket guy during the day too.

    • Mice

      Went to a movies opening night and was greeted by lovely little mice running all over. One was so brave that it crawled onto another ladies jacket!! They say it happens all the time, management didn't seemed concerned. I will not bw going back thank goodness I didn't have my children with me.

    • Could be better!

      I've been to many theaters around the country and have seen better or worse compared to Regal Live Oak 18. Parking a more than sufficient to handle customers when blockbuster movies are released. The one thing I noticed when I arrived is that there were two long lines outside the theater (one from each entrance door). It's not like there were any releases (like Harry Potter) showing that day. I soon found out that only two ticket agents (friendly) were on the job and the waiting area for obtaining tickets was barely large enough to get a handful of people inside. It took too long to get through the line even with a few people. When then experienced a 5 minute hold-up at the section where you give your ticket to the agent--only one agent to handle all the theaters?? They should have split the two movies areas in two like many others do. The one agent was having problems with some kids who were trying to pull a fast one on him to see another movie. I just don't understand these people just don't get kicked out. The reception could have a used a little cleaning assistance like the theater seating areas. Of course we had the usual disrespectful movie-goers who could live without their cellphones/texting.

    • great place

      great, clean, fast service, not a ghetto theater

    • Live Oak Cinema

      I have only been to a select few movie theaters in town, but Live Oak is my favorite. Not only is it close to home - and my parents - it's clean, the employees are very nice, and the FLOOR IS NEVER STICKY!! I don't know of any other theater that never has sticky floors. Some people complain about the teenagers, but I've never seen anyone get out of hand. I have noticed that the teen crowd is very well behaved on this side of town, even at the Forum. I guess people in Live Oak have more manners. That says a lot about parents these days!! Anyway, I enjoy the theater and the atmosphere. I have left my own teens to watch their movie and let them call me afterward to pick them all back up. I feel that the theater is safe enough for that to happen. Their security guards are always around and watching out for the public. I highly recommend Live Oak over any other theater.

    • the Best Theater Around

      omg. how can i paraphrase the professionalism of service and management at the Regal Live Oak within the 2000 words i have been will be pretty hard, but i think i might me able to manage it.\r First, the management is pretty great. though i am merely a teen writing this review, this may be concieved as bias. But i don't care because as far as i can see, there are only positives at the Live Oak. the management at the Live Oak contains both teens and people over 20 working there. but all of them are hardworkers. the management is curtious and pretty fast with getting you the items you had asked for. they try really hard to keep the customers happy and coming.\r Second, the place is always clean. Whenever i enter one of the eighteen theaters, its always clean. Almost as if Mr. Clean came in there and cleaned it himself.\r Third, you hear about people getting kicked out of the theater for stupid and poor reasons, untrue (or at least i have never seen it before). for example this guy wrote a review about going to the Live Oak and then being kicked out afterwards, for ""Laughing and conversing"" as he says; well the manager must have had a perfectly good reason for throwin him out. Unless the man is doin something self-centered and abrupt, any accusations are not true accusations but yet lies for justifying his reasons of acting immaturely. crazy right.\r in conclusion, my insight of the Regal Live Oak may seem biased, but i have no need to input anything negative, as i have seen nothing negative for the past 4 years that i have been going there. And you can imagine how many times i go there, lol. a lot, especially on friday nights with my friends. and then saturdays with my parents, and then again. but i love this Regal Live Oak. its amazing. i can say this because i have tried some of the neighboring theaters. in my opinion, in comparison, they are nothing.

    • Professional and Clean

      Regal Cinema Live Oak 18 is the best movie theater I have visited in 25 years. The professionalism of the workers and cleanliness of the facility is beyond reproach. Keep up the good work.

    • sometimes, not all the time

      Teens do sometimes ruin the theater at the movies, they could be loud and texting but other then that, the theater is not all that bad>.

    • Teens ruin the movie! DO NOT TEXT IN A MOVIE!

      From start to finish, these horrible teens were texting and talking loud during the movie. OH YOU HAVE TO ADD THE BABY! My friends and I, went to the movies to enjoy ourselves, not watch and listen to animals sent and receive text messages, and overhear their loud conversations.

    • Comfortable seats, good atmosphere

      Great theater if you like management that is prompt in handling disruptions. Like all too many theaters now, you'll often find yourself here at a 9:30 p.m. movie with crying infants or rude people with cellphones, but that's not the theater's fault. This place is relatively clean, easy to get to, and has good parking. Seats are decent, but could be more comfortable.

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