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  • Best Groomers...Ever

    Before I moved to the mainland, I took my maltese to Doggone Groomers. To this day, I have not been able to find a groomer that can clip my dog they way they did. I honestly have to say that they have the best groomers. They take the time to listen to how you want your dog to be clipped and styled. I always had a great experience with the groomers - they were always friendly to me and always happy to see my dog. I would highly recommend Doggone Groomers. They are very efficient and never a disappointment! Thank you Doggone guys are the best!

  • What happened?

    Been going her for 10 years. I have always been happy with their services. The last 3 times I have gone, have been disastrous. I showed them exactly what I wanted using a picture of my dogs mother. It was simple clip. When I got him back he was completely shaved! I mean to where he looked ridiculous. I figured ok, maybe they misunderstood and I didn't say anything, So the next time I went I said, can you not shave him, please take off half of what you did last time? So we got him back and he hadn't been clipped at all. It was like he had just gotten a bath. So 3rd times a charm right? I said, OK the last 2 times we have not gotten what we want. SO please clip him but NOT too short and NOT too long. Again I showed them 3 photos of the length I was wanting. I came back and I almost fell over. He was BALD. Worse then the first time, he looked like a hairless guinea pig. I mean, even if someone had asked for that you would think they wouldn't do it, It was so bad! I wont be going back to see what happens a 4th time.

  • They took really good care of ...

    They took really good care of my dogs


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