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Incline Village Urgent Care & Family Practice

930 Tahoe Bl Raley's Center, Incline Village, NV 89451
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Serving Lake Tahoe & North Shore

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    by  on 11/12/2014

    November 11, 2014 Drive to Reno or Carson City. This practice does not deserve your business. Today, I learned that Deanna, the office manager who also does their billing, hung up on my 73 year old father then told him to get his care elsewhere. My father and his insurance company notified the practice numerous times that they coded his visit in such a way that it was being declined for coverage. The insurance company notified my father that if they simply changed the code, the bill would go through. The bill was $155. I called this afternoon to inquire. The woman answering the phone told me she could not give me any information then proceeded to confirm that my father was a patient and that someone spoke with him earlier in the day (breach of confidentiality laws). She told me she would not speak to me further and that I needed to speak to the billing department. I told her I wanted that office and the doctors to understand how patients were being treated, but she refused to stop talking and listen. I notified the woman who answered the phone that if someone does not listen to my father's experience take some responsibility for this unprofessional behavior, I intended to let people in the community know about this. At that point, she said I was threatening her and hung up on me as well. I called back a second time and someone else answered. She told me the name of the woman I just spoke to was Amanda. I later learned there is no "Amanda" that works at that practice. The woman who answered this time told me to call Deanna the office manager. I called Deanna and began to relate the facts of the situation and she would not allow me to explain to her what had transpired. Instead she wanted to tell me over and over that my father was being sent to collections and continued to repeat it over and over. (For $155) I told her I was not calling to discuss my father's bill. I was calling to discuss her hanging up on a 73 year old man who was confused about his bill twice and then telling him to go get his care elsewhere. She refused to stop talking over me and proceeded to hang up on me. During this call, Deanna the biller, repeated over and over that they have no "Amanda" when I told her that is the name I was given on my second call. Apparently the second woman who answered the phone lied to me. I called Deanna the biller back after she hung up on me and I asked her to have the doctor who owns the practice contact me. Deanna then called me back to tell me she spoke with the doctor who told her to call me back and tell me to work it out with her. I am a resident of Incline Village and own a business here, as do many of my friends. None of us would treat people this way and if we found out our employees had done so would never allow it to continue. Obviously, this was not about a lousy $155. This was about how people communicate and how they treat aging parents. This is a small community and we need to take care of each other. I will never give this practice my business again and I truly hope that the doctors who own this practice are not aware of the unprofessionalism of their office staff.


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