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Two Guys Pizzeria

2250 W Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77030
(713) 660-6262Directions★ Review



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  • 10 out of 10 so far in my book
    by  on 05/18/2011

    I've only been a handful of times so far, but theres many more to come in the future. Coming from a New York born kid, this is by far one of the best places I've found in houston for great New York pizza. A few different kinds of pizza is all I've experienced so far, but they also have Italian pasta dishes and salads as well as a full bar. And not the most typical NYC however... The atmosphere is very impressive with dark rich wooded beamed ceilings and dimmed and cozy, yet young and trendy interior. Perfect for that area of town. 10 out of 10 so far in my book.

  • Tasty and a great stop for lunch
    by  on 05/16/2011

    We came on a Saturday for lunch and we had a nice time. It was warm and sunny, so we sat on their nice patio tables. They had some pretty sweet specials... I was able to enjoy a GIANT slice of prosciutto pizza, salad, bread with olive oil, and drink... all for under $10!

  • Guilty Pleasure
    by  on 05/14/2011

    My NYer friend goes here religiously. Cheese, please. The crust is always crisped just right too.\r \r I'd probably go more often, but it's surrounded by discount shopping, so the dining atmosphere is not to alluring. It's always looks full of diners.

  • Service is always good
    by  on 05/12/2011

    It's casual yet nice. Service is always good and the food is delicious. I love their pizza dough and the pasta dishes I've tried are very good.

  • Russo's New York Pizzeria is programmed in my cell phone
    by  on 05/09/2011

    Russo's New York Pizzeria is programmed in my cell & home phone :) The food is that good I need access in both places. If you like ravioli then you must try their ravioli that's topped with vodka sauce & sun dried tomatoes it's awesome. Also the pizzas are delicious I could probably eat it every day and still not get sick of it. But my guilty pleasure is their mouth watering artichoke dip. I dream about this dip it's so awesome. The dip also comes with their awesome pita like garlic bread which is the perfect partner to the artichoke dip. I recommend that anyone in the area give this place a try and you won't regret it.

  • Great Food Experiance
    by  on 05/04/2011

    This has to be the best place to get pizza salads and pastas. The place is well kept up with and had an excellent staff which was speedy and friendly.

  • New York Pizzeria is DA BOMB!
    by  on 05/02/2011

    I just ate at the Midtown location with some of my coworkers. I've been eating here a while; the pizza is delicious and the service has ALWAYS been top notch! I brought a bunch of my coworkers down for happy hour for the great drink specials they have ($3 beer and wine) until 7pm. Our server Steve was on top of everything we needed, and the deal we got (10 or more drinkers = 1/2 pizza) was great! Overall, I had a great time, and the location is great too (right in the heart of Midtown). Will DEFINITELY be back for more!!! :-)

  • Totally worth it
    by  on 04/18/2011

    So I'm not a big fan of Midtown, dealing with parking and overly trendy people... but this place was totally worth it. The ambiance is nice, the pizza was good and the waitress was friendly. When the pizza came out the waitress apologized for the wait, so I guess it took a while, but we didn't notice or feel like we were waiting. I'm a big pizza fan, and I was defiantly happy with this one. The smaller pizza, less than $20 was plenty for two people. I plan to go back, but since it's a chain I might try a different location.

  • Satisfying my cravings for a taste of home
    by  on 04/13/2011

    I wanted to personally thank you for satisfying my cravings for a taste of home. I was born and raised (just like Texas cattle) on the lower east side of Manhattan. I have lived in Houston for ten years and have tried every pizza place in this city. Your restaurant is the ONLY one that has hit the nail on the head! Your pizzas and calzones take me right back to Mulberry Street. I was a steady customer at your Medical Center location and I'm thrilled that you have moved into the neighborhood. I wish you great success.

  • Never dissapointed
    by  on 04/06/2011

    I am never disappointed when I go to Russo's. I know that it's a chain, but this pizza is good. I live right across the street, so I don't have to deal with parking, which, I can imagine, would be an issue. I haven't had anything besides pizza and soup, but everything else looks really good. My boyfriend makes it a point to go every time he comes in to town (long distance relationships suck) and get the pesto chicken pizza. The slices are HUGE, so all you'd need is one. The crust is crispy but yet doughy. Delicious!

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