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MBM Cleaning

6423 Atwell Dr, Houston, TX 77081
Closed Now
(713) 225-3828DirectionsMap



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  • Editorial review from Citysearch
    by  on 06/17/2012

    This company is absolutely horrible. They sent a tech., Jose, out to do a HVAC check. I ended up paying $170 so that the unit could be cleaned, as the tech. stated, ""Everything is running perfectly but the unit needs to be cleaned."" So I reluctantly spent $170. Five days later a high pitched screeching sound was coming from our air conditioner. Our neighbor even came by to tell us about it. I called MBM to request a courtesy visit to recheck the system since it was within 5 days of the initial check, and they told me they would charge me for the full visit again (for another check), even though it is quite possible that something was missed during the ""check"" or that it may have been a result of the cleaning. They were scheduled to come out one week day between 8-10 a.m., and when no one came by 9:00, I called to make sure they were coming and that is when they let me know that no one would be coming (after I stayed home from work for them to come at a very inconvenient time!). They said they would call me yesterday to reschedule and to see what they could do to remedy this situation -- no call yesterday and still no call today. Very unprofessional. Their website says, ""We aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied.” Boy, I'm definitely not satisfied. I will be going with another company, reporting them to the BBB, warning everyone I know in my neighborhood and in Houston (in person and via listservs, and having another company come out.


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