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Jailbusters Bonding Co

1400 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77002
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    I used this company to bail my son out of jail after he was arrested in La. and brought back to Texas the bond was 35,000.00 i paid them 1750 upfront and faithfully made biweekly payments this happened in June of 09 he always reported weekly and everything, my son was arrested again in August of 09 on something that was being investigated around the same time of his previous arrest, this wasn't something that was done while he was out on bind with them, still i never missed a beat always paid them still bi weekly. Ok in Feb 2010 i asked them about bonding my son on this new case, and they said that they would need collateral (that i didn't have) so i contacted another bonding company that told me that they would bond him out on the new case 50,000.00 said that i would have to come up with 4,000 upfront and finance the rest, and they also contacted this company to see if I was paying ok. Oh they told some many lies it was unbelieveable we so far as to telling telling them that they didnt know my son was in jail, which was a big J. the bondsmans informed that I would have to pay off the old bond first and then come to them and do the bond for the 50,000. So that's what i did...I paid TBF off, and went gave the new bonding company 4,000 got the paperwork took it done to 49 San Jacinto and was told by them that TBF has SURRENDER their Bond on my son, Wow i was boiling....So soon after I paid them off the surrendered the bond and when I asked them when I have yet to get a call back or an answer....So this comopany is bad business.....\r


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