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Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

9400 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77063
African, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian
Open Now
9:00 am - 11:00 pm
(713) 782-6882DirectionsMap
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  • by  on 08/09/2015

    We held an event here for the United Nations Association. We had about 35 people in the private room, the staff was extremely helpful with the setup and the food was delicious. We really appreciated how the staff was very friendly and accommodating even when the room had filled up and our presenter was speaking. The space got quite tight at times, but overall this is a great spot to hold a private event. I'd recommend staying under 30 people.

  • by  on 04/04/2014

    Blue Nile set up is good and they have good customer service but the food and the price is ridiculous. I am Ethiopian, I have eaten in Blue Nile while back several times and the quality of the food actually have gotten much worst than it used to be I will say may be from 4-6yrs ago. For those who are not Ethiopian/Eritreans it's hard to know if this is the best food unless you have tried the food somewhere else to base on the differences. I was so disappointed last night - the injera which is the flat bread you eat the food with was at least a couple of days old, the food was cold and not as tasty as it used to be.

  • my FAVORITE place in Houston!
    by  on 12/09/2010

    Absolutely my favorite place to eat in Houston.\r The food is fantastic. The staff is extremely polite. \r If you haven't tried Ethiopian food, this is the place to do it. Try a veggie sampler and a meat sampler (there's a few to pick from) It's a good mix so you can see what you like.\r Love this place! And don't worry about the location, the food is so good there's no way you could care!!!

  • Very confusing to rate!
    by  on 09/04/2009

    Went here a few days ago to try something outside the box for Houston. Our waitress was very nice and took the time to explain several menu items. Of the 3 main ""plates"" we ordered none were particularly good. I found the price and portions to be reasonable. The location is not in a good part of town either. I doubt I would eat there again.

  • great place to dine
    by  on 08/21/2009

    I have been to various restaurants. Dinning at Blue Nile was one of the best experiences of my life. The inside set up and decoration was spectacular. I was served by Aster. I usually order firfir but I asked Aster for Awaze tibs just out of the blue, and she explained to me very well about the ingredients. It was so exotic, delicious and hilarious. She was so friendly, helpful and customer oriented waitress. I wish I had other restaurants serve like the Blue Nile. I will definitely come back. I think great good and outstanding customer serive made the restaurant unique.

  • A Great Dining Experience
    by  on 06/09/2009

    We dined there last Saturday night and there was a decent crowd. Contrary to other reviews I've read, the service was excellent and the food was tasty. We had the variety platter since I was the only one of our group ever to have eaten Ethiopian food-- and that was 25 years ago! Portions were good, the waitress was very pleasant and explained things to us. We enjoyed the hand rinsing ritual and the coffee service with its fresh roasting and the popcorn (!) that was served with it. I consider the prices to be reasonable, as well. In short, our whole group enjoyed the experience, we'd go again, and we've recommended it to others.

  • First Date
    by  on 03/25/2009

    My mate and I had our first outing here. It was perfect. The music, the decorations, the location, we just felt like we were in the motherland. We only wished we were there in time for the live entertainment. The food was top of the line and we just fell more in love looking into each others eyes over the cuisine and in the comfortable atmosphere.

  • Bad experience
    by  on 10/23/2008

    Last week I was dining with three of my friends and found out things are changing in Bluenile. All four of us agreed that the food quality and quantity noticeably is degrading and nothing like it used to be. The Enjera was like a flat pancake. All the ""wot"" and ""tibs"" we order didn?t have the usual taste or was not tasty at all. The quantity was less the price was high. Even other Ethiopians I talked to said the same thing. In all, regrettably, we had a bad experience. \r Hopping for a better future?.\r Patel


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