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The Queen's Medical Center

1301 Punchbowl St, Honolulu, HI 96813
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Open 24 Hours
(808) 538-9011Directions★ Review



Regular Hours
Mon - Sun
Open 24 Hours

Extra Phones

Phone: (808) 547-4618

Phone: (808) 547-4277

Phone: (808) 547-4806

Phone: (808) 537-7152

Fax: (808) 547-4646

Fax: (808) 547-4642

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500 + Beds


Queens Medical Ctr


Nonprofit Hospital


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  • Nice people
    by  on 02/24/2012

    Went to the clinic after I found out I was pregnant everyone was nice at every visit only thing I didnt like med students did everything so I never saw the same doctor but I liked it my appointments were always on time you just have to check in about 20min before your appointment so it'll be on time good place to go if your having a baby!!!

  • Grade F
    by  on 02/17/2008

    Have an emergency? Forget about heading to Queen Emma Clinics. They are double booked for days on end. In 3 days, I spent 12 HOURS,thats right, 12 HOURS trying to refill my longterm prescriptions. I had a resident doc (yeah, right) give me basic tests that had nothing to do with my injury. He had the nerve to openly judge me and he threatened to take away my prescriptions if I don't come back to yet another double booked day. I feel the staff doesn't understand boundaries. I told one nurse to leave me alone and I literally ran to the door to get away from her and she kept talking to me as if she had something important to say. She wasn't treating me whatsoever, she was just there making mistakes. I had someone else come in and accuse me of being a addicted to pain medication just b/c I have chronic pain and 3 recent surgeries and I am waiting for a shoulder replacement, but no, torn tendons don't hurt! I just want the high! I cannot even hold my arm up or put it down w/o assistance. Sure I have had broken my neck twice and have disc problems between 4 vertebrae, a broken back, torn left shoulder, waiting for surgical repair and the three surgeries on the right shoulder in a mere 15 months. BUT I WANT THE HIGH?! I'm sure I am making up my symptoms and the injuries. I am appauled, infuriated, offended and disgusted that someone can say that to me without ever seeing me before that day. I will never step foot in Queens as long as I live. I had bad experiences each time I had surgery as well. All 3 times!

  • real hospital
    by  on 12/09/2007

    Here on the Neighbor Islands we pray they'll airlift us to Queens if we ever have a serious medical problem. Our local hospitals can't handle anything more than a broken limb or sniffles. The REAL doctors and medical care is at Queens!


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