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Scruples Beach Club

2310 Kuhio Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
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  • TreChic
    Updated: 6 days ago

    I would love to see this place again. For 11 months I worked their in 1990 and it was great! At the time it there was an early crowd of tourists. They didn't stay long but by late night there was a sizeable crowd of locals. Lots of people in the same business. Made a ton of money and had some great experiences! Are the bartenders all men still and the waitresses well....waitRESSES? Is Fred Peluso and John McFly still around?????

  • Slow, but good dancing
    Updated: 6 days ago

    Went on a friday night and it was lacking people. Drinks were cheap and the music was good though.

  • Hope to see you there!
    Updated: 6 days ago

    Scruples beach club is wonderful night club in Honolulu. I felt comfortable there because their customers are good and they respect everybody. Even their hostesses they are really great, and sexy. They appreciated everybodies business. This bar was good place to meet people, and good place to dance. I met my friend there ""MARK"" from Europe. Just try to go down @ scruples beach club ... hope to see you there...

  • Wack
    Updated: 6 days ago

    Came here cause I saw the ads in our hotel TV. Looked cool. Got there kinda early on a Tuesday nite, about 1030p. There were 3 girls in there. My girlfriend and 2 waitresses. But there were only like 10 people altogether, including 3 bartenders. They were extremely strict about the drinks and didn't pour with the shot when mixing drinks. They measured that thing like it was rocket science. Plus, it was expensive. $5+ for a beer and $6+ for a cocktail. Went down to Moose's where they had a better crowd.

  • one hot club
    Updated: 6 days ago

    I have frequented this bar many, many nights! My drinks were alway's good and strong. If you are there at the right times, you may see Lee Majors, Heather Thomas, and many other stars! Wait in line, and on your way in you will see many pic's of stars all over the walls. I met Lee Majors there and tried to buy him a drink. He bought me one instead and told me that his were all free! I did manage to get his autograph! A good party spot with a great atmosphere, and the added attraction of the stars hanging out. Every one has a good time there! I have never had a bad time, or a bad drink there!


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