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Cameras Unllmited

641 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC 29609
(864) 232-2163DirectionsMap



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  • Horrible Customer Service--Not Helpful!
    by  on 03/08/2012

    I'm a photographer in Greenville, SC. see my work here: flickr /lindsaycurganphotography facebook /lindsaycurganphotography I recently bought a soft box online from B&H Photo Video [online store] and decided to buy a light stand from a local store to see if I would save on shipping. I first visited Wolf Camera and apparently neither of their stores sell individual light stands--So, they directed me to the only other camera shop in Greenville [Cameras Unlimited]. I called this store and here is the warm welcoming I got: Me: Hi, I was wondering if you sell light stands individually? Owner: Yes. We have them. Me: Well, do you have a variety or more than one that I could maybe look at? Owner: I think we only have one. Me: Oh, well can you make sure, or do you know what brand it is? Owner: No. I don't know. Me: Would it be possible for you to find out for me? **Owner: Why is it important?!** Me: I guess I would just like to know what I'll be getting. It turned out to be a brand that I'd never heard of after all of my research on camera equipment. So, due to the disgusting attitude I received and less than average equipment I opted not to even go to the store. He was not friendly and not helpful at all. I only wanted to know what kind of light stand[s] he was carrying in his store so that I could do some proper research before spending my money. His attitude was very unnecessary. I continued to just be polite anyway, because what's the point in arguing? So, I told him thank you and goodbye. I will never try visiting or contacting his store again now that I know it's so unwelcoming. I'm now purchasing my stand from Amazon [online store] which has the same exact name brand stand that I've heard so many great things about. Since Amazon has a pricing formula based on what other people are selling their products for, I ALWAYS have gotten any equipment I've purchased for cheaper than anywhere else. Good priced, low/no shipping charges, user-friendly, *lots of reviews* [very helpful for making sure you get what you want & pay for]. If you're looking for good equipment and no hassle then you should go to either B&H Photo Video or Amazon. Both sites have great reviews [which help a lot]. With B&H Photo Video you can even send them a message online and they are super friendly, helpful and quick to respond. Hopefully this review will help others avoid dealing with the unappreciative/unwelcoming attitude of the Cameras Unlimited store owner. Good luck on your product & equipment journeys! :]

  • Shop here today...if you don't see it, have it ordered!
    by  on 01/20/2011

    If you have questions about anything, this is the place to ask. If you need something, this is the place to buy. If you don't see what you're looking for, this is the place to ask if it can be ordered.\r \r Support local businesses in Greenville. You won't regret helping out your community and your neighbors. This is the best way to do it.

  • Camera store like they use/should be !
    by  on 12/03/2009

    One of the few Camera stores left. Not a big name animal sounding place, but a camera store with someone who has been doing camera for 40-50 years. Come in and have a seat and talk to others who love camera

  • Well Stocked Old School Camera Store
    by  on 06/09/2009

    Comfortable surroundings, free coffee, cool in the summer - but mainly Leica, Hasselblad, Nikon. Lots of un-common equipment, at least for this day. Lloyd Turner is one of the most knowledgeable store owners I've ever met. This store can answer your questions and supply what you need. Go there and be happy!


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