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Southwoods Animal Hospital

3005 Randleman Rd, Greensboro, NC 27406
Open Now
7:00 am - 6:00 pm
(336) 275-7266DirectionsMap
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Regular Hours
Mon - Fri
7:00 am - 6:00 pm
8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Message from Southwoods Animal Hospital

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Southwoods Animal Hospital is acredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. We are a companion animal hospital that provides veterinary services for pets ranging from dogs and cats to snakes and gerbils. Our goal is to provide comprehensive animal care in a compassionate manner.

General Info

Southwoods Animal Hospital provides the highest quality veterinary care services and diagnostics for your pet. We offer ultrasound, soft tissue surgery, laser surgery, orthopedic surgery, acupuncture, and endoscopic ear treatment. Our well-trained staff and caring veterinarians treat your pet with compassion and utilize the newest diagnostic techniques to diagnose and treat your pet. At Southwoods Animal Hospital, we treat dogs, cats, and even exotic animals such as ferrets, birds, rabbits and iguanas.
Best Veterinary - 5 Star Rated Clinic -All Animals- Affordable Care.

Payment Methods



  • Acupuncture
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Emergency Services
  • Exotic Animals
  • Reptiles
  • Small Animals


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  • by  on 04/05/2013

    This place is amazing! They are so friendly and nice to my family and my pets...Dr.Clark is a amazing doctor...I would recommend him to anybody...Dr.Joe is a great doctor to...They are a little pricey but so is every animal hospitial....The take care of all my animals needs...When you go out of town and need somewhere to leave your animal leave it here they even spend quality time with the animals while your gone they let them out and feed them! They take care of any animal that you can name....rabbits ,dogs, cats, hamsters, anything! I would love to have another one of these maybe in archdale where I live...Even though Southwoods is in Greensboro and I live in archdale I go all the way to Greensboro just because that's how good they are! you should definitely go there!

  • Southwoods is the BEST when if comes to your pet's needs!
    by  on 01/13/2011

    Southwoods Animal Hospital has always been great for my pets and even my family too. Every visit is handled with my animal's health in consideration first. There have been times when money has been tight, but the Doctors at Southwoods have always showed me the best path that will best account for my pet's health with what I can afford. Dr. Violet Kirk is the vet. that I have dealt with the most and I can tell you that she knows what she is talking about! Plus, they have always been very upfront and honest with me.

  • Awesome Vets and Awesome People!
    by  on 01/11/2011

    The first time I walked into Southwoods Animal Hospital was a great experience. I was there after being referred by another veterinarian in Greensboro to do knee surgery on my Saint Bernard. The experience there has been great ever since. I take my animals there for all of their needs. \r\n\r\nThanks Southwoods Team!\r\n\r\nSharon S. Robbins

  • A Personal Touch
    by  on 11/30/2010

    The only vet for us is Dr. Joe! We have always had our dogs and cats cared for by Dr. Joe. Not only does he care about my animals well being but ours! Dr. Joe often brings us up to date on current treatments, changes to veterinary medicines and practices. Always an informative visit with a personal touch!\nAnd where else do you get a fresh cup of Joe when waiting in the lobby, not your ""burned up how long have I been sitting there coffee""! Thank you to the staff, they always make us feel comfortable when waiting with other pets.\nIf you are looking for a veterinarian - Dr. Joe is the way to go!

  • Best animal hospital around!
    by  on 11/28/2010

    Dr Joe is the most compassionate and skilled veterinarian in Greensboro. He has helped my dogs immensely. I had an old golden retriever he treated for cancer then arthritis and using acupuncture he helped my dog live a long and minimized the pain in his life. He has laser equipment that is state of the art and is using it to minimize pain in my other dogs. I have been extremely satisfied with his care and the staff at Southwoods and would not go anywhere else!

  • Southwoods is the best!
    by  on 11/28/2010

    Dr Joe at Southwoods Animal Hospital is the most compassionate and knowledgeable Vet in the area. He has done acupuncture and helped my old golden retriever live longer and with less pain. He has the latest laser equipment that helps decrease pain and keeps my dog moving.

    by  on 06/19/2010

    Continues to follow old vaccine beliefs when the AAHA, that they are members of, has shown that to do so, is over vaccinating canines needlessly. Core vaccine boosters are NOT needed every year after the first year and veterinarians KNOW that it can cause adverse effects to your beloved pets. YET Southwoods Animal Hospital, being the money hungry place that it is, continues to do it anyway. Ever stop to think that children don't need boosters EVERY year for the rest of their lives and yet your dog does? Maybe you should read this:\r\npetresource dot com/Articles of Interest/vaccine_debate.htm\r\n\r\nAlso this:\r\naahanet dot org/PublicDocuments/VaccineGuidelines06Revised.pdf\r\n\r\nSad that they prioritize getting you in there so that their bottom line doesn't suffer, but your PET DOES-\r\n\r\nDon't be afraid to QUESTION YOUR VETERINARIAN!!!\r\n

  • These guys are kind of expensi...
    by  on 01/01/2010

    These guys are kind of expensive, but aren't they all. They were pretty nice and experienced.


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