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  • Thanks for making me cry on my birthday!

    I have a friend who hooked me up with a VIP room at Allure for my birthday and I wish I would have never accepted the offer. We had never been to this club or had a VIP room before and no one explained up front that we HAD to order from one waitress (who wasn't very available to us in the first place) AND they expected us to order a bottle of something. I asked about prices and they acted like I was dumb for doing that. Also by this point my friends had ordered their own drinks from the bar and the waitress got mad at that and pulled me aside to say she still expected to be tipped! No one could decide on a bottle of anything so I asked the waitress could we just keep getting individual drinks. I guess that pissed her off because next thing I knew the owner is in my face telling me I HAVE to order $150 bottle of whiskey or get out of VIP. We all tried to explain that we've already spent at least that at the bar by this point and he said "Well fine then give me $150 or get out!" So we left. Luckily I had a mini bus to drive us or most of my guests would have been driving drunk. Not me though... I was the birthday girl and couldn't even drink because someone was bullying me about these precious bottles all night long. The waitress and owner were very rude and I will NEVER go back to this place.

  • Great time, awesome club!
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    I really enjoyed this club because of the atmosphere and the club itself. I think details like the lighting, the sound system, and the furniture can really make or break a club. This club spared no expense when they opened. Best dance floor in Downtown Greensboro. Sound system sounded great. Ambient lighting and flat screen TV's throughout the club really give you the impression that you're in a "real" club (and there aren't many of those around the Triad). The staff was classy and friendly - no bullying bouncers, no obnoxious bar staff - the staff seemed to be having just as good of a time as the guests. I'm glad Allure is open, and I'll definitely be back.


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