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Tint Man Inc

7404 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Closed Now
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
(410) 547-8468DirectionsMap
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Added on 08/23/2014



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  • Always satisfied!!!
    by  on 02/14/2015

    Tint Man has tinted seven vehicles and counting for me. I'm always satisfied with their work.

  • Terrible
    by  on 03/08/2014

    Made an appointment at 11 and was told it would take 2 hours. Came back at 230 and they hadn't even started. Do not go there.

  • by  on 04/07/2013

    The worker failed to completely remove all tint, when asked to correctly remove the tint and glue, the worker became agitated and threatening. On 7 April, 2013, I arrived at the The Tint Man, Solar Tint Specialists at 7404 B&A Blvd, Glen Burnie Maryland, 21012, to have the tint removed from my vehicle. The worker gave me an approximately wait time of two hours to completely remove the tint from a four door Sedan. After 5 hours of work, he called, to inform me he completed the tint removal. Upon my arrival, there was still a significant amount of tint and glue remaining on the windshields. I waited another hour and a half, at which point, he stated he was going home and that I would have to pay to take the vehicle, despite the incomplete job. After informing the worker I would not pay for incomplete work, he held up the straight blade razor, he was previously working with, and stated "I don't know how they do things in Texas, but here in Maryland, you're gonna pay or lose your car". I locked myself in a vehicle and called the police, the police responded and observed that the worker was high, but did not place him under arrest. Because the shop completed some of the work, I had to either pay to retrieve my vehicle at which point I could file a lawsuit to reclaim the cost, or I would have to leave my vehicle until the owner of the property arrived on scened. I had the police officer, CPL H. file a note as a reference, and wait until I was able to pay the cost and leave the shop.

  • Nice place to
    by  on 04/19/2010


  • Terrible Experience
    by  on 07/25/2009

    Took my Brand new 2009 G8 GXP, to have windows tinted. Picked it up. And one of the employees, told me he wished he had 15 more minutes so he could take my car out on Route 100 and see how fast it could go. Then I discovered scratch on upper back fender. Upon speaking to owner I was told we don't scratch cars. Not in a nice way either. Owner called me an ediot, told me to get off his property and told me I was a rude lady because I was upset, that my car was scratched by his establishment. I literally said to this man 6 or 7 seven times, please stop screaming at me. I don't want to argue or yell. I just want to handle the situation with the car. He(the owner) continously screamed and yelled.Just kept saying we don't scratch cars. I tried to explain that things happen, but he just kept yelling at me. Yes yelling at me the customer, who was just trying to handle this situation. Never offered to so much as try to fix it. Until the police showed up and at that point he said to the officer not myself that he has something that can take that scratch out(rubbing compound I assume),if I would have been a little nicer, he would have done that. Never offered that to me just to the officer, which I would have declined anyway. At that point he was not touching my car. There are people not employed by him in and out of the warehouse they tint the cars in. I guess know the reason we were asked to pay cash. So when you realize your car is damaged. Theres nothing you can do. I basically paid to have my car damaged. And just a thought if he is so sure he does not scratch cars. Why does he have rubbing compound, to fix them. The tint seems to be ok, this is still the first day but looks ok. But definitly not a professional, and does not know how to handle customers at all. If I was you I would go somewhere else, and not risk it. I would not even give this place one star, but you have to put at least one to have your comment published.

  • Best window tinting in Maryland !!!
    by  on 08/08/2008

    Kudos to Mike, and Travis for running a fine business. Everyone was very friendly, and they did a fantastic job on the tint ! Great price too !


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