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Foster City Athletic Club

1159 Chess Dr, Foster City, CA 94404
Open Now
5:30 am - 10:00 pm
(650) 377-1991Directions★ Review


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  • Unethical, Unscrupelous, Unprofessional Business Practices
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 11/6/2008

    Sure, the staff appears friendly and the equipment is decent, but not that great. The main problem with FCAC is exactly what another reviewer discussed, which is the fact that their contract is unfair and their business practices deliberately sets up hurdles for you in the event something bad happens to you and you need to get out of the contract. Furthermore, the contracts they use do not adhere to california civil code; so be very aware that the contract the make you sign is tricky.\r \r They smile and welcome you, but when it comes down to the business practice, they are unethical and unprofessional. They think they can just spell out their own terms in the businesses own advantage and screw over the buyer without adhering to california civil code. They have given me a very disheartening experience because bottome line = as a member for 2 years, I've been happy with the services offered, but they have an unethical contract and the managing staff is unprofessional and lack knowledge when it comes to talking about their contract terms and holds no value for customer service.

  • Whole New Environment
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 1/16/2008

    This gym is coming around. There is new management and friendly staff. The classes are terrific. Terry and Kathleen know how to make you work but the hour just flies by! After just 3 weeks of class I saw a real difference in my body. \r \r The locker rooms are clean and bright and have all the necessities. There is never a wait for the cardio equipment and a trainer is always on hand to help with the machines. They even have a spa, steam room and sauna. The raquetball courts were recently redone and there are pick-up games in the basketball court most evenings.\r \r The rates are quite reasonable.

  • We are thrilled with our membership at FCAC
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 1/10/2008

    I have been a member for 5 years at this private athletic club. I like the friendly low key atmosphere. For a club this size there are numerous classes with enthusiastic committed teachers. My favorites are Diane's Body Sculpt classes and the Power Yoga Class. My husband likes the energetic spinning classes and racquetball. \r This last year they added some large plasma screens in the workout area and some new machines. Members did express interest in wanting those new additions so the club is very responsive. I saved the best for last. THis club is so reasonable compared to other facilities in the area. Unless you are really into swimming, this is the best deal around! We are thrilled with our membership here.

  • Terrible gym with worst customer service ever
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 7/27/2007

    We had a terrible experience here and wouldn't recommend this gym to our worst enemy.\r \r They try to lock you in on their contracts and will lie to your face. When we realized that the gym was full of lousy, decrepit equipment we asked how to cancel our membership.\r \r We were told, ""When the contract expires your membership will automatically terminate.\r \r Yes, we should have known better. Now we do. Three months after our contract expires, we realize that we're still being charged. \r \r We call them up and they flout the fine print in the membership agreement. To cancel, you have to give the gym 30 day NOTICE (what the heck, is this a rental agreement?) in written form. \r \r Further, there is a $100 CANCELLATION FEE (!) even when you're out of contract!\r \r But it gets worse. You can't drop the letter notifying them of your intent to cancel off at their establishment. They require that it be received through CERTIFIED MAIL.\r \r And of course, the very same person has no recollection of telling us that the contract would automatically end.\r \r Stay away, far away and read the fine print. You've been warned.

  • Nice gym, but poor service
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 12/1/2006

    I've been a member of this gym for the last 4 years. The facilities were upgraded with new machines and renovation, so they are quite nice. Yes, the volleyball court is small, but not much you can do about it due to the size of the overall gym. I heard that the owner is a complete brute and that is reflective in the staff. I have only met about 2-3 staff members who are friendly. Yes, what the previous reviewer said regarding cancelation is true. When you want to cancel, they make it very difficult for you. They demand that you send a letter by certified mail and that you pay for a next month invoice even if you discontinue using their gym. In regards sending the letter by certified mail, my contract only states that I need to notify them in writing. With all of the new gyms opening in the area, this gym really needs to learn about customer service.

  • Worst Workout in Town!
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 6/19/2002

    This place is horrible...the basketball/volleyball gym is not even big enough for an elementary school size game! The weight machines are old and worn out and the free weight room smells awful. It's usually stuffy and hot in the workout room and the people including (some of) the staff are stuck up and snobby. It's way overpriced and you don't even get what you pay for. Plus if you try to quit you have to send a certified letter and pay for 30 days after you quit......that is absolutely ridiculous!


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