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Bedford Camera & Video

2801 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901
Closed Now
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
(479) 755-8520DirectionsMap



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  • Love shopping at Bedford's
    by  on 02/12/2011

    I have been doing buisness with Bedford Camera & Video for 10 years, and no where will you find a more satisfied customer , I like doing buisness at places that remember me, greet me with a smile and always says HELLO. I will continue to do buisness at Bedford's and I will, as always, recommend them to my friends and family, and anyone else who i come across looking to shop for electronics. I have a long relationship at this store, they are number one in my book.

  • Bedford C&V is THE Best
    by  on 02/12/2011

    I've purchased more than a few cameras, camcorders and televisions from Bedford. I've always found their prices to be competitive, but, nowhere have I enjoyed the level of service they provide. Without question, they are professionals who truly take pride in their relationship with every customer who walks through the door. You just don't find that very often today!

  • Response To Bedford's Being Rude
    by  on 02/12/2011

    I have been a customer of Bedford's in Fort Smith for the past eleven years, and over the course of that decade I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars and countless hours in their store, conventions, and seminars that the employees, and owners, have contributed not only their knowledge and experience, but everytime I needed it a "personal touch" for my business, and for me as an evolving photographer. They need you and you need them. If you were disappointed in your experience, there then, "Bedfords" is the place you should flock to, because I like you have had bad days, but I always find that after I get my past my own inabilities and frustrations, it is easier to go ask the experts for help, and all will benefit in the long run, which is what we need more of these days. I have always found the people at Bedford's especially in Fort Smith, where I live, willing to go the extra mile, and being a small business owner myself, I can tell that I find at the end of the day, I have 100 who love me and 1 or 2 who don't, and in a world where in most business's when your greeted by an employee you usually hear, "what's up"?, Go to Bedford's and you will still here, "may I help you?. They deal with with thousands and you should not blame them for your feeling's being so far out on your sleeve. Bedford's has been faithful to me for over a decade.

  • NOT very friendly
    by  on 09/07/2009

    I agree with the above reviewer, they are NOT very friendly. I know it's a place of business and not a "social club", but wow what a depressing and unhelpful place! They have good prices and it's the only photographic supply within 100 miles, so if you really need something fast, put on your "happy face" and smother them with kindness.

  • I do not like going into Bedfo...
    by  on 05/02/2009

    I do not like going into Bedfords . The staff is very rude! I did buy camera from there and then after that they didn't care at all.


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