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The AGA Group Incorporated

2315 Westbrooke Dr, Columbus, OH 43228
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  • Posted: 5/31/2016

    I purchased a Kirby and have had nothing but problems, I can't get anything resolved thru the main company or this company, I also cannot afford this expensive vacuum. The return policy is a joke. I would not recommend this company at all.

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    Posted: 3/3/2016

    I would first like to apologize on behalf of my company for all the experiences I have read on here. I myself work for the Aga group and I am not a pushy person. A lot has improved with the company, please know we did listen to all your experiences.

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    Posted: 2/18/2016

    To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. The AGA Group Incorporated has given both to my parents and me. With our new Kirby system its worth every penny knowing we can take the most pride in keeping and maintaining a clean environment. I would recommend AGA services to anyone who's interested in leading or promoting a clean lifestyle. This company deserves 6 stars total. Cheers and thank you again! From the familiy

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    Posted: 12/23/2015

    Very friendly & fast service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Posted: 11/10/2015

    These people were at my 86 year old mother's house last night for over 2 hours; they didn't register with the police dept of the small community of 6,000 people as they're supposed to do before going door to door. They had her ready to write a check for $499..she said there were 2 guys then a woman showed up & they were sweeping her mattress, etc. WEIRD. unprofessional.

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    Posted: 8/1/2015

    Wish I could give fewer!!! Had a man and woman come to my door with a Kirby, i need a new vacuum and was interested in what they had. They brought the box just inside my door made a call to their boss and left. I never even got to see it out of the box more or less a demonstration. If these people come knockin, you're best off turning them away.

  • Updated: 10/13/2014

    This afternoon I had two men, one middle aged 20's-heavey set with a beard, and another, mid-to-late 50's-unkempt, come knock on my door selling Kirby products. The younger man did all the talking and was very forceful in his approach. Even after telling him I do not have carpet in my home, he tired opening my screen door to see where the heavy traffic areas of my home were. I told him that he was not welcome and that the whole situation was weird. I told him I do not let strangers into my home-despite his analogy to being similar to the cable guy and only needing 20 minutes of my time (common, you let the cable guy in your home don't you?"). I asked who he worked for, he stated AGA (couldn't remember what the acronym stood for). He handed me a bottle of citrus cleaner, which I told him I would try out an follow up with the store. To which he replied, "this isn't one of our products, it's just a gift for trying our service". I told him he could have the bottle back and he stated "come on man, I need to make some money and get credit towards my college tuition". I told him good luck and shut the door. Neither of the men had any pamphlets or information representative of Kirby, nor did they appear to work for Kirby. I got the feeling they were looking for a way to get into my home. I'm not paranoid by any means, but both of these men looked suspect and throughout my interaction with them, they could not rectify this feeling. Please be safe and think twice before letting some stranger into your home, regardless of the sales pitch. I call SCAM! I looked up AGA in Columbus and found the 614-777-8111 number. Despite multiple attempts, the call would not go through and it showed up as an Australian number in my phone. There are many things that do NOT add up here. I am reporting this to the BBB as well. Good luck and be safe.

  • Updated: 9/5/2014

    I already owned a Kirby vacuum cleaner and was very pleased with it. I was in the market for a second one for another location. After several hours in my home I could not get them to leave after repeatedly saying I would think about it. After being pushed into purchasing not one but two, I still had trouble getting them out of my home. I am paranoid they will return and rob me blind. The worst part is they agreed to bring back the additional bags and attachments and have not. After many calls to The 614-777-8111 number I have had no response and will be turning it over to the Better Business Bureau. Please do not let these kids into your home.

  • Updated: 8/12/2014

    Two salesmen from this company forced their way into my daughter's apartment and would not leave for 4 hours, in an effort to get her to buy a very expensive vacuum cleaner that she had no interest in. They left the vacuum there thinking they could force her into buying it, saying they would be back later. When they came back her boyfriend was there and wouldn't let them back in. Instead he brought their vacuum out to them so they could pack it up outside, which apparently they weren't too happy about. I called and spoke to a representative about this incident and the woman I spoke with seemed rather uninterested in what I had to say and couldn't wait to get off the phone. My recommendation is to stay far far away from this business. Disgraceful, pushy sales tactics, and that is being kind. As for the vacuum cleaner itself, it costs a fortune, which is probably how they can afford to have salesmen harass somebody for 4 hours. If I could rate them with zero or even negative stars I would, but it looks like I have to give at least one star in order to post this review.


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