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  • by  on 10/20/2014

    My father who is 69 years old and a heart patient with a mechanical aortic valve came here for bladder cancer. He needed to be bridged from Coumadin to heparin for the Turb surgery then bridged back before discharge. He was there for 8 days after the surgery with continuous bleeding, continuous catheter insertions and irrigations and them charting that my dad had a pig valve not a mechanical valve.{ Big difference in care that is needed for blood thinning purposes}. Once we set them straight and they called St. Judes the manufacturer of the valve to verify the bridging procedure they said it was a typo. {A life threating typo if you ask me.} Meanwhile they stopped his heart meds without us knowing and his legs swelled up. They also added meds without us knowing that increased his COPD causing episodes of not being able to breathe. We never left his side for fear of them giving him some new medication that wasn't needed. They did not communicate with us what they were doing and why. The resident Urologists are just a bunch of young kids with no compassion what so ever. They rip them catheters in and out with great force. They insert the wrong catheter then insist on changing it 2 hours later. We never did have a heart team involved for the bridging. The had scheduled 2 other surgeries to go back in and look for a reason why he was still bleeding and kept cancelling them when we were already in pre-op. They blew 8 veins during the course of this stay trying to draw blood. It was a complete nightmare. The nursing staff there was excellent especially the men. We had a couple of really bad nurses who did not know how to irrigate a catheter that we asked to have them removed from our room. He only received one sponge bath during his stay. We had to ask to have the bedding and his gown changed constantly because it was always bloody. His blood levels dropped so bad he had to have 4 units of blood within a 24 hour period none of them were given with Lasik to prevent fluid overload, which was another reason his legs swelled so badly. It seemed as if they would create a problem just so they could fix it, but they never could fix it once they created it. Finally on day 9 we asked to be transferred to Summa in Akron it was closer to where we lived and we had to get him out of there before they killed the man. They set up the transfer for us but after that they were not attentive to issues still going on. It was as if the didn't want to care for you anymore because they new you were leaving. We finally got the hell out of there! As to the building itself Wolfgang Puck restaurant has horrible food with very high pricing, There was no decafe coffee offered in the lounges on the floor. The kitchenettes in the lounge were always dirty and not supplied. We had to ask to have trash emptied, dirty laundry picked up, blood in the bathroom and on floor cleaned up constantly. They would use your bedside table for their equipment when irrigating therefore when they were done it was full of blood. The thermostat in the room did not work creating it to be very hot or cold never just right. Overall this place is by far the worst hospital I have ever seen and I wouldn't take a dead person there. Please people if you have bad experiences with this faculty post your comments. We have got to get the word out. People come from all over the world to what they think is THE BEST CANCER FACULITY IN THE WORLD hoping to get the best treatment and that is not going to happen here. People BEWARE !!!!

  • McDonald pediatrics
    by  on 11/13/2012

    Donna McDonald is AMAZING!! My 3kids were patients for over 17yrs! Unfortunately with fighting over insurance & medical card AND per policy we were booted!!! I trusted Donna with my children which says a lot considering 2nd child born w heart murmur!! I TRUELY wish I could bring my girls back until they 18yrs old and WOULD if they changed policy!!

  • its a good place to be, they h...
    by  on 09/09/2011

    its a good place to be, they have a lot of oppertunity.


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