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Food Town

2892 E 116th St, Cleveland, OH 44120
(216) 791-1333Directions★ Review



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  • This place is disgusting. It's...
    by  on 11/30/2011

    This place is disgusting. It's been around for years and I admit that I used to be a regular customer, but NO MORE! The locals can tell you that this place used to always be packed with grocery shoppers and lottery players everyday. Ever since them Arabs sold to new management (Indian family), business declined FAST. I thought it was gonna all be the same until I walked in there and Lord, the stench in this place made me throw up a little in my mouth. I saw huge waterbugs right at the entrance, and people tell me they now go elsewhere due to how nasty this place has become. Good management goes a long way. Never thhought I'd say this, but I vote to bring back the arabs.

  • recommend it
    by  on 10/09/2008

    I used to pass by there but never though of going in. My lady likes to shop at the eagle cuz its organized but she liked foodtown and wants to go there more offen. We shopped and bought tons of meats and other stuff for mad cheap. Thats wat Im talkin bout. I also met the people in charge and they were cool without being kiss-azz. That was good. We'll for sure be shopping there more offen. Thanks for the heads up

  • The Best Neighborhood Supermarket
    by  on 10/09/2008

    This supermarket caters to people of all backgrounds. It's obvious they care about their customers' preferences because they are frequently updating their inventory to accommodate the Supply and Demand of the consumers. Just a few times I inquired about items not found in stock and they were quick to add it to their orders; having them for me (and others) to buy soon thereafter! The Owners and Staff are kind and caring, making our time there as pleasant as can be. Their prices are unbeatable!!!!! I used to shop in these major chain stores out here, but it always felt like I was spending so much on so little. It's almost as if I was being charged for walking down their aisles! H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!! At Food Town, they have a wide selection of quality meats and groceries for as cheap as you can get 'em. Believe me, shopping there is highly affordable. I live in The West Side, but visit family not too far from Buckeye during the week. I always make sure to stop by there and stack up for the week. Now that the previous owners are back in there, I am relieved and excited to see them return even more order to Food Town. They've surely proven to be exceptional in Small Business Management. My family and friends all Love shopping at Food Town Supermarket! We call it our "Sunshine in the Ghetto." Corny, I know... but true. Take a swing by there and you'll see!


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