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U.S. Cellular Field

333 West 35th Street, Chicago, IL 60616
Closed Now
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
(312) 674-1000Directions★ Review
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Added on 06/08/2015



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Mon - Fri
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sat - Sun

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Concessions: All-Star Stands, Beggars Pizza, Funnel cakes, Grille Stands, Frozen Zone, Soft Serve Ice Cream & Desserts, Tex Mex Stand, XFINITY Zone Bar & Carvery, Midwest Brews, 35th Street Tacos,
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    Posted: 6/6/2015

    Great place to watch a game can't wait to bring my son there so he can see his first game there too.

  • My God, this place is a horrib...
    Posted: 7/18/2012

    My God, this place is a horrible example of a ball park. Alhough it is empty all the time and you can sit where you want. It still a horrible place to watch a game. Much like the team lacks fans. This place lacks class. I only hope they don't make the Cubs play here durring renovation. although 5 sguare miles of parking is a plus. And at least the park district might sell out the seats for a change.

  • Nothing Special
    Posted: 2/22/2010

    Came to this park from Detroit in 2008 to catch a Tigers game. This park is stuck inbetween and struggles to find an identity to me. It lacks a lot of the luxury of the newer parks but isn't an old classic like Wrigley or Fenway. The seats in the upper level are awful and at a terrible angle. Sox fans are also really rude and immature wherever they are and that includes their home park. Nothing compared to Wrigley!

  • What a pit
    Posted: 4/10/2009

    My god this place is as horrible as the team that inhabits it. The neighborhood is awful, and abandoned. I would never want to take my children here. Weren't they suposed to have rennovated this place. You still can't judge the game from the upper deck, not that you have to cause even the supposed fans dont even show up to this stink pit.

  • What an experience?
    Posted: 10/16/2008

    The two times i was here this year ,it was the same. Rude service, rough neighborhood, cold food, etc. No wonder people dont go to games here. It is better to watch the games on tv.

  • Don't bother
    Posted: 10/16/2008

    The food is good, however from the upper deck you cannot judge where any ball is going. Even with the supposed rennovations to a brand new ball park the place still sucks. If you go to a sox game you might also want to bring along a bullit proof vest. The local neighbors over there like taking shots at the seats from their apartments. After the game you can't go anywhere but home. The mayor made sure to close all the bars in the area . essentialy the park is surrounded by one big parking lot. Lots of parking for a team that has so few fans. I can't believe they would stick the tax payers with such a hell hole of a ball park when you have other cities building far superior stadiums.


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