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Saks Fifth Avenue

700 N Michigan Ave Lowr 1, Chicago, IL 60611
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Monday-Wednesday 10am to 7pm, Thursday-Saturday 10am to 8pm, Sunday 11am to 7pmSophie's Restaurant and Bar:,, , Reservations:,

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Chicago Place


  • 30 Day Return Policy is Attrocious
    by  on 03/31/2010

    I am so angry with my first Saks experience, that I am sharing it with as many people I can! I received a very expensive dress as a gift that wasn't exactly what I was looking for. As a result, I took the dress to Saks to make my return. Unfortunately, neither I nor the person who gave me the dress knew of Saks' 30-day return policy and thus my request for a full refund was not granted. The sales clerk would only give me a refund for a full $100 below purchase price... the sales price they had JUST reduced it to (still full price at all other retail competitors). I returned the dress to the store about 45 days after it was originally purchased... as soon as I could get it there. The dress was in perfect condition with tags still on the dress, in the original packaging, and with the original receipt. What I find particularly troubling regarding the customer service I received is that their return policy is much more restrictive than their peers'. Neiman Marcus' policy is a more typical 60-day return period, and I've found that they have been flexible in extending that period to meet customers' needs. Likewise, Nordstroms and Bloomingdales don't even list a return deadline and are incredibly flexible with their return policy. Saks is the only major clothing retailer, let alone luxury retailer, with such a restrictive, anti-customer return policy. It's frustrating to me as a consumer to know that I could have purchased the exact same dress, for a similar price, from the Neiman Marcus that is literally across the street from Saks in Chicago. If I had done so, I would have been able to return it today without any headaches or hassles, and would be a satisfied customer. The message I instead received from Saks today is that my business is not valued by the company, my experience as a consumer is irrelevant to Saks, and that the company is not concerned about losing me to its competitors. I have choices as a consumer, and if Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, or another retailer is willing to provide me a more customer-friendly shopping experience, and if I can place more trust in purchasing through them than I can at Saks, I will choose to shop with them every time. From my experience, these retailers do offer me a better and more trustworthy experience, so I will simply take my business elsewhere and encourage all of you to do the same! Instead of walking away from my Saks experience with both a delight and desire to return, I am angry and frustrated at the appalling customer service I received.

    by  on 12/19/2008

    I've been to Mario and Aveda and too many other salons to mention and none of them compares to Saks where I found Ghita Jones. She took the time to listen to what I wanted and gave me even more than I could have ever expected! She gave me a great stylish cut that is so complimentary to the shape of my face. My color and highlights are so natural and beautiful I still haven't stopped receiving compliments. I don't know where she learned her technique but kudos to her mentor! I wish I would have found Ghita years ago. She seems to be the best kept secret in Chicago but not for long if I have anything to say about it. The good news is I found her now and I hope to God she'll be around for years to come!!!

  • GHITA JONES is top notch in the beauty salon at Saks Fifth Avenue
    by  on 09/10/2008

    Ghita Jones is excellent with color and cuts as well as excellent with bridal updo's and more.\r I would say she is really the only one with any talent at this salon. See her before you waist your time!

    by  on 10/18/2007

    GHITA JONES is absolutely fantastic. She did my hair today and I am as blonde as ever. Ghita is so sweet, will listen to you, she is great at what she does, and just a colorist you will always go to. I highly recommend her!!!!! (And I am super picky who does my highlights). Actually, my best friend recommended me to her...all of our Lincoln Park group goes to see her. She is the best!!!!!

    by  on 12/16/2006

    Beautiful store, selection of merchandise lacks they don?t always carry the newest vendors , designers. I find myself having better luck at neimans, Barneys, or even a local boutique. The employees can often be rude if your not spending top dollar!



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