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Psychic Serenity Tarot Card Readings in Chicago

6857 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60634
Closed Now

9:00 am - 10:00 pm


9:00 am - 10:00 pm

(773) 816-9404DirectionsMap



    by  on 12/26/2014

    Don't go! She will criticize you like crazy. She really tries to give advice but it's the worst advice ever and she up charges constantly. I'm sure she has a gift but she is really out to get your money.. She will answer her phone a lot when she is with you, she may be late to meet you and if you are ever late she will criticize you. At first she will seem really genuine and like she is going to help you but then she will tell you a lot of negative things about your life and tell you that you will need to come back or recommend you come back only for her to charge you again and again and again. Also, don't take her teas because those free teas to cleanse your aura are not free. If she is not charging you for them up front then she will one day charge you for them and somehow they are going to be like 20 dollars per tea bag. Also, she is going to make you run around and pick up all kinds of supplies that are not cheap mind you as well as pay her for her services. I swear I had to get silk handkerchiefs, gold coins, roses, candles, deck of cards, sheets (which I think she just needs or wants for her own house), colognes, shoes, lingerie (which was expensive), and god knows what else I had to buy and on top of all of these things, still give her money for the work she was going to do with these items. In addition, all the supplies you need to provide her with for some reason have to be name brand. The lingerie has to be Victoria's secret, the colognes have to like a Giorgio Armani gift set or something along those lines, the perfume has to be prada or versace, and the handkerchiefs have to be 100 pecent silk. Pretty sure she is just collecting these things and giving them to her family as gifts. She told me I needed to lose weight when she really shouldn't be talking about losing weight. She gives advice to you but then will make an excuse for herself. When she told me to lose weight she would say that she knows she needs to lose weight too but she's just so busy with her readings and kids and etc......well so am I so why are you the exception? Also, she told me my grandma was going to be dying by the end of this year. It's December 26th and my grandmother is fine. She said my partner and me would become closer and we are basically not even together anymore. I was expecting a while ago and she told me I was going to be having a girl and that my daughter was going to be daddy's little girl.....It's a boy. Also, there may be some complications with my pregnancy and it was the smoothest pregnancy ever....there was no morning sickness or anything. She also had the nerve to tell me that my partner was more attractive than me and a lot of stuff that I shared with her she would forget. Save your money and your time. I would not doubt if a lot of the reviews listed below are fake. Trust me!

    by  on 12/26/2013

    Helen you are a wonderful person, thank you for taking time with me on my recent work trip. I hope to see you again. You know what you know and for that I thank you :)

  • Peace of Mind
    by  on 12/11/2013

    Helen is an experience foreshore. She helped me through a lot of heart, body, mind and soul troubles I had in my life . She is not for the weak of heart, which I appreciate! She helped me get my senses back intuned and helped me with so much! She called, texted back, and prayed for me- she helped me find myself again and see the beauty that I have to offer as well as all the people in my life. The work she did for my and my boyfriends relationship is remarkable. Love is overflowing in my life and with her help I realized that and appreciate everyday now and I listen to the earth and breathe without stress in my life. Sweetness is now all around me and I have to thank Hellen for helping me get my groove back and be a better person. Thank you again!!

    by  on 08/31/2013

    highly NOT RECOMMENDED The worse experience ever... Don't waste your money and time... Just HORRIBLE...

    by  on 05/31/2013

    So, this was a horrible experience. I had been contemplating seeing a psychic for some time, but had not acted on it. Then, suddenly, I found a groupon. Despite seeing the only other post on here, I bought it and proceeded to schedule my appt. When I called, I was rushed bc she "was with another client'. I am not a psychic expert. . .but doesnt one need some focus during a reading? Why is she answering the phone? Ok, so I probably should not have ignored this second warning. But, I show up for my appointment, which is run out of her house. She is not there, and when I call, she tells me she is running 15 minutes late. Ok. So, I finally meet her and get inside and it gets no better. She starts by asking what my two biggest concerns are, and she continued to constantly and apparently delve for more information. Similar to the other reviewer, the entire experience was very negative. She almost immediately told me that I have a real problem- but not to worry, she can cleanse my aura for $100 (to start). She pushed hard on this up-sale, and became defensive and threatening when I told her no. Also similar to the other reviewer, she seemed to frequently push her values on me. At one point, she went off on a tangent chastizing me for not wanting children. The groupon I bought was for a tarot card, palm and aura readings valued at $100. I was in her presence for a total of 21 minutes, during which she answered the phone twice!! I would not recommed Helen to anyone!

  • A Friend for Life
    by  on 02/07/2013

    I am so blessed that I came across Helen. I was at a point in my life where I had to make a tough decision that was not only going to affect me but my family, and Helen showed me the way and guided me in the right direction. I was able to trust her completely...something thats hard for me to do but she has guided me in the right direction. I feel so blessed to have found her and encourage everyone to see her. She has a good pure heart. She's the best!!!!!!!

  • Helen is a wonderful person to...
    by  on 12/18/2012

    Helen is a wonderful person to talk to and to listen.. It felt like I could talk to her all day and it was a joy spending my time with her. We totally connected Helen said some beauitful things and it hit home to my heart. If there were more star i would put them all... Yes God love all of His Childern... Thank you Helen Have a Bless Day :)

  • I had a reading with Helen las...
    by  on 06/21/2012

    I had a reading with Helen last year around the same time. An she was right on point with why I called her she did not ask any question like most Psychic she told me anwsers. That is why when I hit what i felt like was my lowest point in my life I gave her a call again. An she put me back on point an is here for me like a friend. An I want to take this time to tell her thank you for being here for me. XOXO !!!!!!!!!!!



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