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La Brasa Roja

3125 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60618
Open Now
9:00 am - 10:00 pm
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  • This is my Dad's favorite rest...
    Posted: 6/28/2012

    This is my Dad's favorite restaurant in Chicago. Whenever he comes to visit, he practically begs to get their whole roasted chicken dinner (which is a crazy good value with multiple goodies on the side) every night. We live a half block away, and can smell the chickens on their spits All. Day. Long. This is usually an enticing aroma (except for the two times that I've been pregnant and had the one food aversion of chicken. Which I fully admit is random.) But seriously, it (usually) smells incredible. Which is good. Because it's seriously a non-stop Chicken On A Spit operation. Even more randomly, my favorite dish is the charred lamb.

  • Great BBQ Roast Chicken
    Updated: 8 days ago

    We had their speciality -- the whole roasted Chicken. It was certainly tasty, and came with sides of potatoes, potato cake, and plantain. It's still BYOB. They have other BBQ roasted meats available, but would prefer to eat at their sister restaurant El Llano for that (see my review of El Llano). Only criticism is that if you eat in as we did, the pre-cut chicken pieces tend to be a little overdone (and perhaps a little dry) because they re-heat them in the BBQ before serving. Probably better to take out the whole Roasted Chicken.


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