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Dragon Court

4520 N Tryon St # 40, Charlotte, NC 28213
Closed Now
10:30 am - 9:00 pm
10:30 am - 9:00 pm
(704) 596-0228Directions★ Review
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  • Delicious
    Posted: 11/21/2010

    This is real Chinese, not like the others. At first I thought it was expensive but when the food came, it would feed three people. I got general tso chicken. I'm a trucker and eat Chinese everywhere but this place was great! They also have a Authentic menu with real Chinese food like ducks and salted fish etc. Try it, you'll like it and go back again. I know I will. Steve

  • Authentic, friendly service.
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 4/21/2007

    Dragon Court's location is a little scary (inside the run down ""Asian Corner"" mall at N. Tryon & Sugar Creek), but it's worth driving around the potholes in the parking lot.\r \r Even if you order from the American section of the menu, you're in for a treat. Their sesame chicken is actually CRISPY, not soggy from sitting under a heat lamp for 2 hours, and you can taste the ginger! If you are a bit braver or more experienced, definitely order from the ""Authentic Chinese Cuisine"" section. Everything from seafood to hot pots. Some of the dishes aren't always available though, so have a plan B when you order. Some dishes we've tried there are squid in black bean sauce, crispy duck, and ma po tofu. There are also a good number of vegetarian selections. \r \r Dragon Court also has wonderful dim sum on the weekends so come hungry, but expect a crowd. Jellyfish, sesame b alls, taro croquettes, stuffed eggplant, turnip cake, meatball type things, stir fried veggies, dumplings of all kinds, steamed buns, and all the rest of traditional dim sum foods are wheeled around to you on carts. \r \r One thing to beware, usually on Friday night they have a VERY loud band playing on a stage in the middle of the restaurant. I'd just avoid the place entirely because they seem to have no concept of a reasonable volume so that you could actually still talk to your dinner companions. They're also closed on Wednesdays (the sign says temporarily, but it's been that way for months.)


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