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Dilworth Family Dentistry

1110 Harding Pl, Charlotte, NC 28204
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8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(704) 333-1859Directions★ Review
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Mon - Wed
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Fax: (704) 332-6300

Dilworth Family Dentistry

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  • unnecessary procedures

    I've been to Dilworth Family Dentistry twice and I can honestly say, they recommend the most unnecessary services. Before starting the service, they didn't even check with my insurance if the service was covered. A month later a bill arrived to my house requesting that i pay in full. Not all that great of a service.

  • Friendly & professional

    We have been visiting this practice since moving to Charlotte in 1995, and have found all the staff to be unfailingly professional and friendly. They are very thorough and communicate everything they're doing and why. And while they may occasionally recommend certain additional treatments, I have never felt pressured to do anything extra that I did not want/could not afford. They have worked cooperatively with all the various dental plans we've had over the years, and they offer a discount for paying by cash or check, which I appreciate. But the best part is, my kids LOVE to go to the dentist! They are always bugging me about when they can go again.

  • Best Dentist

    I have been going to Dilworth Family Dentistry for 2 1/2 years now, and my teeth are in great shape now. Before I suffered from bleeding gums and discolored teeth. Now my teeth and gums are very healthy and I have a great smile now The staff is very friendly and professional and they take time to answer any questions you may have.

  • Dr. Fisher and Dilworth Dentistry focus on customer support!

    Where I had some concerns in the past, Dilworth has a renewed focus on customer support!!\r \r Dr. Fisher and his staff lisen well and communicate / inform pateints about what they are doing. Caroline was really friendly and knowledgable while cleaning my teeth!!\r \r Thanks!!\r -Frank Riley

  • Super Service

    I'm a challenging patient and was very welcomed by the practice. They told me everything they needed to do, how much it would cost, gave me payment options and then let me decide on what to do. They are very proactive about care and are friendly, accommodating and warm. I get scared at the dentist and they have always made my stay free from fear. Their care is gentle and they listen to my concerns. The work quality is superb. If you need adjustments, they make them without question. They may not be the cheapest in town, but, hey, you get what you pay for. I've gone to less expensive ones and gotten awful service and quality. I sure recommend them without a blink.

  • Excellent Dental Practice

    This is an excellent dental practice. I have been going to Dr. Fisher for almost 30 years. The staff is friendly. They have all of the latest equipment. I have never had any problems with any of the work that they have done on my teeth. And trust me over 30 years I've had some work done.. They always go over the cost of any procedure before the work is done. I feel they really care about their patients\r Julie Eakes

  • Friendly Staff +Thorough Cleaning = Great Dentist Experience

    I really enjoyed meeting everyone on my first visit to Dilworth Family Dentistry. Dr. Ma and his staff were friendly and thorough and the office is very conveniently located. \r \r Melissa Hall

  • Bad Dental Advice

    When I moved to Charlotte I set up an appointment with Dilworth Family Dentistry for a cleaning. Before they even looked in my mouth they began lecturing me on how common gum disease is. After the cleaning they told me that my gums were diseased and that I needed to enter into an expensive 6-step treatment plan to get rid of it. Then they took me into another room in order to sell the plan even more. I was very skeptical because I have been going to the dentist regularly my entire life and had never heard that I had bad gums. Six months later I went for a cleaning to a different dentist in Charlotte and was told that my mouth was perfectly healthy. Do not go to this office. Health care professionals should be people that you can trust and I did not get that feeling at this office.


    I wish I had seen these reviews before I went to their office!! I made an appointment to get a crown put on (over $1,100 procedure) and they told me that everything in that appointment was included in the cost. They ushered me in for x-rays, cleaned my teeth and then Dr. Ma came in and told me that I had gum disease and that he couldn't put my crown on. They made it sound like my mouth would rot away if I didn't have this $1,500 procedure done to clean under my gums...and then ""maybe"" they could see if my gums were strong enough to put the crown on. THEN, as I was walking out they gave me a bill for $320!!! They are completely misleading and tell everyone they have gum disease!!!!! They did not perform the procedure they said they would and did not tell me that they were going to be charging me $320!!!! THEY WILL LIE AND MISLEAD YOU!!!! THEY CHARGE YOU FOR THINGS THEY DO NOT TELL YOU ABOUT AND ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY!!!!! THEY ARE LIARS AND THEIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!


    I wish I had seen these reviews before I made my appointment with them. I had a root canal done by a different dentist and went to Dilworth to get my crown put on. I thought I was going there that day to have my crown put on and everything would be included in the over $1000 procedure. They ushered me in, took a bunch of x-rays, and the Dr. Ma came in and told me I had gum disease and he couldn't put the crown on. They said I needed a procedure that would cost over $1,500 before my gums ""might"" be strong enough to take the crown. I was very shocked and upset and THEN they charged me $320 for the appointment!!! THEY TELL YOU ONE THING AND CHARGE YOU FOR ANOTHER!!! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!!!!! THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY!!!! DO NOT GO TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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