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Centerville City Hall

2295 Harrison, Centerville, MO 63633
(573) 648-2441Directions★ Review


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  • The county folks are superstars.
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 5/30/2008

    Once again, the Reynolds county commissioners and the roads and bridges folks have pulled it off. I read in the paper a few days ago that these folks applied for and obtained FEMA money to repair a county road 422.\r What an awesome group of people, county road 422 is in really bad shape since the flood, and even Donald Barnes got in on the process. These folks seem to be looking toward grant money to do some of these repairs and I think that is just awesome. I only wish we could come up with the money that's needed to do county wide road repairs. These folks deserve a few gold stars for this one. When they do good, they really, really do good. I believe Reynolds County is the greatest place on earth to live and raise a family. Folks who just simply want a quiet, peaceful, and happy community need to come and check out Reynolds County. \r Look for cities like BUNKER, ELLINGTON, CENTERVILLE, LESTERVILLE, for city living, and anywhere in Reynolds County for country living. You won't be disappointed. The roads and bridge folks are constantly improving these communities. \r Thank you very much.


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