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Benway's Taxi

666 Riverside Ave, Burlington, VT 05401
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Mon - Sun Open 24 Hours

General Info

Benways Transportation is a family-owned company that provides local and out-of-town transportation services. It provides pickup and delivery services. The company provides airport transportation services for various airports in Albany, N.Y.; Manchester, Nev.; and Logan, Utah. It has a staff of various drivers and dispatchers. Benways Transportation also provides cash coupons and reservation services. In addition, it offers discount cards for senior citizens. The company is a member of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce and The International Taxicab and Livery Association. Located in Burlington, Va., Benways Transportation s sister companies include Morf Transit and Apollo Limousines.

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  • 04/25/2014

    DO NOT USE THEM! They are currently under police investigation. I used them once and then they illegally used my credit card information several times. They even went so far as to forge receipts for rides I NEVER took. This has happened to many people. I have been contacted by police over this matter. Everything people have written is true. If you use Benways you will NOT get to your destination on time. It is very likely they will be extremely late if they decide to show up at all. Not to mention they will pick up other passengers and then WAY over charge.

  • They suck!!!
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    I called the night before a important medical appointment to make sure I would get there I also called the next day which was the day of the appointment to make sure everything was set extra that was at 7:03am my appointment was at 8:30am I had called 4 times 3 of the Tom I ended up hanging up after waiting on hold to talk to anyone for 6-7 minutes each time the 4th time which it was 8:20 someone did answer after 5 minutes on hold just to Fu**Ingram literally hang up! so I missed my appointment which was for a genetic testing altrasound because I'm pregnant & it can only get done from 12-14 weeks of pregnancy

  • To: Hellokitty and the Viewers
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    Listen to her! Trust me, she's right. It only cost me $10.25 just to get to Hotel RESIDENCE INN BURLINGTON! Wow! That's cheap! Compare to the airfare down here in Miami LOL!

  • Benways Taxi SUCKS!!

    I have given Benway's Taxi one too many chances. I highly reccomend Yellow Cab to anyone having second thoughts about Benway's. They always say they'll be somewhere in 15-20 minutes, when it's really half an hour--and they tell you to call half an hour in advance AFTER you're already ticked for waiting for your taxi. The rates have recently INCREASED, and their service HAS NOT IMPROVED!! Supposedly, they're really busy in the morning--but it's the same b.s. later in the day, waiting for a mofo taxi! Moreover, the drivers HATE the way Benway's is run, and are probably more frustrated than the customers because they have to deal with those mofo's every day, and get their checks from them!! On top of waiting HALF AN HOUR, you may have to deal with them picking up other passengers on the way to your destination, and may drop them off BEFORE YOU!! Even worse, they may pick up a fellow Benway's co-worker on the way to your destination...this really shows that their priorities ARE NOT with their customers, but with being STINGY and not considering the shyt customers have to deal with ON TOP of waiting HALF AN HOUR for their mofo cab. At least with Yellow Cab, they're never later than 20 minutes from your phone call--no excuses, no b.s. YELLOW CAB!!! YELLOW CAB!! Call 802-862-3300, it's better service and it's significantly cheaper!!


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