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Clara Milas Bridal Shop

3855 Clinton St, Buffalo, NY 14224
(716) 674-2751Directions★ Review



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  • Be Careful!
    by  on 01/15/2011

    When we were getting married my wife had her bridesmaids go to Clara Milas for their dresses. The clerk measured them, they found a dress style that they liked and the orders were placed. \r \r A few months later the owner contacted the bridesmaids and stated she couldn't fill their order because the dresses weren't available in the sizes that were needed. She then stated that the clerk that took the original order was ""out to get her"" and that she had screwed up a number of orders. She refunded the deposits, never said she was sorry or offered any other solutions and left my wife and the bridesmaids scrambling to find other dresses. They went to David's Bridal and had no problem getting dresses.\r \r

  • Clara Mila's
    by  on 08/02/2010

    After reading all the reviews on here about Clara Mila's I must say that I was a little worried about going there for my wedding gown. When I called to make an appointment they told right away about their no shoes policy and was asked to make sure we brought socks. My consultant listened to what I was looking for and let me and my family pull some gowns while she pulled some as well. After trying on 3 of my choices, I put her 1st choice on and fell in LOVE!! She listened to exactly what I wanted and it was the designer I was looking for as well (Maggie Sottero), she gave me the price up front so I don't know where all this secrecy people mention is all about. The paperwork I filled out was pretty straight forward and they explained it all in detail. Half was due upfront to order the gown, which I think is reasonable. I think that the only people who take the time to write a review are the unhappy ones, but I wanted to get my experience with Clara's out there, I would definately recomnmend them to anyone!

  • Bad Customer Service and Confusing Payment Terms
    by  on 12/21/2009

    The customer service leaves much to be desired at Clara Milas. Upon arrival, you are instructed to remove your shoes. As we first visited in the summertime and were wearing sandals, we had to walk around the store barefoot. This is gross and unsanitary. We were told the reason was to protect the gowns from getting dirty, yet I note that all of the staff walk around the shop with shoes on, so the purpose of having us barefoot was totally defeated and completely unnecessary if the gowns are properly handled (obviously they must not be if they’re getting soiled without even leaving the store).\r \r None of the dresses have tags, and the staff will not tell you the prices unless you order. After that, the payment terms change at the discretion of the person you happen to be talking to at the moment. We were initially told a $100 deposit was required to place an order. Then we were told the gowns needed to be paid in full before an order could be placed. Then $100 was fine again. Then, after placing an order, we were called and told that more money was needed within the week. We were told balances needed to be paid within 60 days, even though the paperwork we signed stated 90 days (which is in fact circled on the contract), then, later, we were told the balances could be paid any time before pick up.\r \r We were given the exact same run-around with expected delivery times. Every time we called, the expected date was drastically different than the last time.\r \r Clara Milas created so much more stress for a bride than is necessary when planning an already stressful event. I was so worried about the gowns being ordered correctly, coming in on time, that my girls were getting gypped with the chameleon-like payment terms... What an awful experience!\r

  • Worst experience of my life!
    by  on 10/19/2009

    Talk about bad service! i bought a Prom Dress there and went back for my wedding dress because i felt comfortable there. well was i wrong not only did they order my dress 3 sizes to big they promised me the stitching on my whie and blue dress would be silver and if was gold. when i brought this up they said they never said that to me. i was told my bridesmaids dresses would be in no later then the 12th of September, two weeks later they were still not in i called every week first i was told they were stuck in customs, then i was told they had lost them then i was told i needed to stop calling because it was harassing, well no you lost my dresses it is not harassing. 5 weeks later they came in. then i tried to make an appt to have the girls try the dresses on as they had just came in. i was told this was completely ridiculous and a waste of there time. well no i can come and see my dress when ever i want. after figiting about the appt i finally made one. today was the appointment day we went and one of my bridesmaids had the wrong dress!!!! they told me there was nothing i could do besides buy i new dress!!!! are you kidding me! i was shown a dress we ordered that dress they wrote down the wrong number. they said it was my fault for not checking! how i am supposed to know what the vendor number is? i ordered the dress i was shown and that was not what came in. the owner JoAnn proceeded to yell and scream at me while i am having a panic attack saying i need to settle down!!!! needless to say i immediately took all 7 of my dresses out of the shop to get them altered elsewhere! JoAnn the owner has no compassion she messed up and would not correct it. not only was it the wrong dress it was the same dress as my Maid of Honor!!!!!!!! so wrong! Don't go!!!!!!! they would not even attempt to help! or admit they made the mistake!!!!!

  • Do Not Go!
    by  on 10/07/2008

    They people were rude and they don't let you take pictures. I was on my phone while waiting for my cousin to try her dress on and the woman was very rude and yelled at me for having my camera out. I told her it was my phone but she just rolled her eyes. I took a few pictures anyway when she left to get a vail for my cousin. They do not have the designer tags in the dresses so you can't go anywhere else, which is ridiculous.

  • Size 8 told Size 16
    by  on 07/29/2008

    This is a current crisis with this Bridal Shop. My sister signed some sort of contract. FYI, They basically relieve themselves of any responsibillity for their dresses. Out of all the Bridesmaids, I'm from out of town. We were asked to provide measurements. They informed my sister the dresses ran small. I'm a 7/8 and always have been. They told my sister I would need a size 16. Now, no one else in my family recieved such a large size and we're all close in size. My sister the bride informed them that was too big and even suggested to take measurements from her. They still insisted with their expertise that, that was correct.\r Well, I'm currently trying to have alterations done in NYC. And, my sister is on the phone with them constantly...They won't help and blame dme for taking my measurements. Oh, by the way my daughters measurements were right on for a Junior bridesmaid. They are not accomodating and if anything are out to make a fast buck off the dresses that they sell! \r And to make matters worse they lost the measurements for one of the grooms, how ironic, he is from out of town too! Oh, they did not take responsibility again! \r \r Be forewarned if you want to have nice gowns and no headache don't go to this shop...They praise themselves on professionalism and being experts...The only thing they are an expert on is swidelling bridal parties, especially those who reside out of town into wearing potato sacks. Thanks so much Clara Milas!

  • Stay away
    by  on 06/03/2008

    This is the most unprofessional business I have ever dealt with!!! I ordered a new dress and after waiting 5 months, they tried to pass off an old, repaired gown for my new gown!! After 2 days of lies, they admitted that they made a ""mistake"". I am sure the fact that I told them I was taking legal action helped change their mind. I refused to take the right gown out of principle and we are going to court! Unless you want a disaster, STAY AWAY from Clara Milas!!! I should have known to stay away when I noticed they cut all the tags off the dresses and will not tell you the make of the dress until after you pay 50% of the gown price.

  • Not worth the drive
    by  on 08/21/2007

    Very disappointed...not a large selection for mothers of the bride or mother of the groom........try another place


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