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Kieffer David

350 Interlocken Blvd Ste 270, Broomfield, CO 80021
(303) 234-1720DirectionsMap
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Added on 04/17/2014



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  • by  on 01/19/2015

    I would like to know if there is any way for us to all get in contact with each other - there has to be a way to stop this beast from hurting other people and couples and families as a whole. He continues, and will continue to cause damage, some that will never be repaired. He has ruined my family, my children and both my husband and I. How do we stop this?? This goes beyond making a recommendation or not, this is far deeper than that. He needs to be put out, he needs to be done. I can be reached at peetzkel gmail. I do hope to hear from someone - let's work together!

    by  on 10/17/2011

    Just as Alexa18 states, all is true about Kieffer. I too have first hand experience with this monster. Kieffer manipulates you by way of word and submission of official court documents that make it appear that the best interests of your child would be served by having the court decide in your favor as a parent. BUT, Dr. Jekyll appears in full force on the stand when it comes time to testify before the court. He will lie, manipulate, and mutilate your character before the judge in order to get the judge to align with him, and wa-lah, your on permanent record with the court as a bad parent and you lose all you've been fighting so hard have the best interests of your child served and your custodial rights. Bottom line: you lose your child, you lose your children. Kieffer is a sociopath, a pathological liar with a doctorate degree. Trust me please when I say his work is of the devil. He is a devourer of the human spirit. BE WARNED! He doesn't even deserve the 1 star rating you have to give on order to have your comment published. Even 1 star is a lie.

  • Kieffer is a MONSTER
    by  on 09/20/2011

    Kieffer is a MONSTER by Nicole122 at Citysearch This disgusting joke of a ""professional counselor"" is nothing more than a sociopath. He was my CFI and told me my ex and his wife were undermining me and then wrote ALL in their favor with nothing to back up his very sick and twisted report. I knew going in he was a monster, but I was still stuck with him on my case. He harmed my child and got them to say things they would not. He is a DANGER and should not be able to practice. He favors the attorney who hires him as a loaded gun. This despicable person told me that he has problems with his own son. No doubt, who would want to have this vile man for a father who destroys families for his own sick game and money? He was supposed to put the kids best interests ahead of anything but this lowest form of life cannot do the right thing if it was placed in front of him. I truly believe he will get what is coming to him!

  • Fraud
    by  on 05/23/2011

    STATE OF COLORADO\r STATE GRIEVANCE BOARD\r Amos D. Martinez\r Administrator\r 1560 Broadway, Suite 1340\r Denver, CO 80202\r (303) 894-7766\r Department of Regulatory Agencies\r Joseph A. Garcia\r Executive Director\r Division of Registrations\r Bruce M. Douglas, Director\r Roy Romer\r Governor\r November 15, 1993\r David Kieffer, Sp.Psy.S.\r Behavioral Associates, P.C.\r 165 S. Union Blvd., Suite 756\r Lakewood, CO 80228\r RE: Complaint Filed by Jody Sheffer, Esquire\r SGB #93.189(M)\r Letter of Admonition\r Dear Mr. Kieffer:\r At its metting on October 8, 1993, the 11-member Colorado State Grievance Board\r (Board) reviewed the results of its inquiry in the complaint filed against you by Ms. Sheffer.\r The Board found the testimony you provided in court warranted formal disciplinary action\r against your license to practice marriage and family therapy in Colorado.\r In the opinion of the Board, there are resonable grounds to believe you failed to meet the\r generally-accepted standards for the practice of marriage and family therapy and violated\r section 12-43-704(1)(g), C.R.S. Specifically, the Board determined that:\r You testified fasely under oath about holding a faculty position in your court\r testimony.\r The Board encourages you to review your professional code of ethics and the mental health\r licensing statute.\r By this letter, the Board takes the formal disciplinary action of admonishing you for the\r conduct specified above.\r David Kieffer, Sp.Psy.S\r Letter of Admonition\r November 15, 1993\r Page 2 of 2\r In accordance with 12-.43-70S(3)(d), C.R.S.(1989). you have the right to make a\r written request to the Board to initiate formal disciplinary proceedings against your\r license to practice marriage and family therapy in order to adjudicate the conduct or acts\r upon which this letter is based. You must make your written request within twenty(20)\r days after receipt of this letter and address your request to Amos D. Martinez, Program\r Administrator, at the above letter head address. If you make a timely request, the Board\r will deem this letter of admonition vacated and may proceed with disciplinary proceedings\r in accordance with section 12-43-705(2), C.R.S.(1989), and applicable rules.\r If this letter is not vacated, please be advised that a copy will be forwarded to the\r complainant and the Colorado Board of Marriage and Family Therapist Examiners for\r inclusion in your permanent licensure record upon expiration of the 20 day notice period\r cited above.\r Sincerely,\r FOR THE COLORADO STATE GRIEVANCE BOARD\r Clair Villano\r Board Chair\r 0648f

  • Ruins lives
    by  on 02/27/2011

    If there was a way to give this man a rating of negative stars I would. Is he really still allowed to continue to practice?! He was the CFI in my divorce 7 years ago. I found him to be arrogant, lazy and favoring of the dad, no matter the evidence. He ignored abuse and signs of mental illness in my ex husband that have caused me and my kids 7 years of suffering. He did just enough to use up the retainer. He did the bare minimum and did not dig beneath the surface. He did not interview anyone or try to find out if what I was saying was true. I have recently been through another legal battle where my ex husband falsely accused me of parental alienation. This time we had a real CFI who knew what she was doing and really did the work. Not only did the court rule in my favor but they awarded me 100% decision making! For those of you unfortunate enough to know much about the family court system you know that is extremely rare. If Dr. Kieffer had done his job 7 years ago it might have saved me and my kids years of pain and suffering. Maybe if he had cared enough to actually do his job, my ex husband could have gotten the help he needed when it might have been possible for him to change and have a better relationship with his children. Now, his illness has advanced to the point that I am not sure that is possible. Is there a way to stop this man from continuing to hurt already suffering families?

  • Small man with big daddy issues
    by  on 01/30/2011

    It is very difficult to believe that this disgusting little man is still in business posing as a child and family investigator. Considering the wealth of extremely negative information concerning his conduct and the established fact that he lies and perjures himself under oath, it is an indictment on the family court system that he can persist in destroying the lives of children and those who care most about them. This man always favors the initiating party which is invariably never someone of decent character or intentions. Be especially warned if you happen to be a mother. His report will twist any comments and hearsay into ‘evidence’ for character assassination. Beware! Everything you say will be used against you. Never assume that this man will do the right thing even though he may act like he is on your side. This evil little character needs to be shut down for good.

  • Kieffer Complaints
    by  on 01/28/2011

    Anyone who has problems with psycho Kieffer as their CFI can NOW complain to DORA and they will finally be able to investigate complaints as the laws have changed regarding CFI's in a court appointed role. PLEASE PLEASE complaiin as we need to have this sick man removed as a CFI from hurting families, especially children. Remember he gets a lot of pleasure and money from destroying lives. STOP him to protect the public.

    by  on 09/14/2010

    Read all of these court cases about this man!!!\r \r \r Protester Michael Schwartz reported that attorney Mark Dedrickson, during an April 25, 2008 protest outside the bar association CLE office, said: ""Just so you know, David Keiffer is rapidly losing his reputation in the legal community and he's known as a total disgrace. It's becoming harder for him to find work.""\r \r \r \r \r Dr. Keiffer's reputation among many in the legal community is suffering. Falsifying testimony and credentials in order to appear more credible is a disgrace. When word spreads of someone's actions, such as that, you aren't going to get much work in the relatively close knit legal community in Denver. \r Please feel free to put what is in quotations above in print on your website. I would appreciate being quoted accurately. Thank you. \r \r \r \r date: July 26, 2010 \r \r subject: Comment and/or Evidentiary documents re:David Kieffer \r \r message text: \r \r > Dr. David Kieffer is a blight on the Colorado legal system. Despite\r > considerable evidence to the contrary, he continued to twist everything in\r > my daughter's case to meet his bizarre theories without regard to even a\r > shadow of the truth. Dr. David Kieffer refused to listen to our testimony\r > about the male spouse in the case, even though we lived with him and\r > experienced his abuse first-hand but when we described situation after\r > situation he claimed our stories were 'rehearsed' and refused to hear what\r > we had to say (perhaps he should take into account the fact that maybe we\r > saw the same behavior over and over again).\r >\r > What can we do to get this man removed and stop him from hurting the\r > innocent?\r >\r > Regards,\r > Karen Lee\r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r


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