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  • Fraud

    STATE OF COLORADO\r STATE GRIEVANCE BOARD\r Amos D. Martinez\r Administrator\r 1560 Broadway, Suite 1340\r Denver, CO 80202\r (303) 894-7766\r Department of Regulatory Agencies\r Joseph A. Garcia\r Executive Director\r Division of Registrations\r Bruce M. Douglas, Director\r Roy Romer\r Governor\r November 15, 1993\r David Kieffer, Sp.Psy.S.\r Behavioral Associates, P.C.\r 165 S. Union Blvd., Suite 756\r Lakewood, CO 80228\r RE: Complaint Filed by Jody Sheffer, Esquire\r SGB #93.189(M)\r Letter of Admonition\r Dear Mr. Kieffer:\r At its metting on October 8, 1993, the 11-member Colorado State Grievance Board\r (Board) reviewed the results of its inquiry in the complaint filed against you by Ms. Sheffer.\r The Board found the testimony you provided in court warranted formal disciplinary action\r against your license to practice marriage and family therapy in Colorado.\r In the opinion of the Board, there are resonable grounds to believe you failed to meet the\r generally-accepted standards for the practice of marriage and family therapy and violated\r section 12-43-704(1)(g), C.R.S. Specifically, the Board determined that:\r You testified fasely under oath about holding a faculty position in your court\r testimony.\r The Board encourages you to review your professional code of ethics and the mental health\r licensing statute.\r By this letter, the Board takes the formal disciplinary action of admonishing you for the\r conduct specified above.\r David Kieffer, Sp.Psy.S\r Letter of Admonition\r November 15, 1993\r Page 2 of 2\r In accordance with 12-.43-70S(3)(d), C.R.S.(1989). you have the right to make a\r written request to the Board to initiate formal disciplinary proceedings against your\r license to practice marriage and family therapy in order to adjudicate the conduct or acts\r upon which this letter is based. You must make your written request within twenty(20)\r days after receipt of this letter and address your request to Amos D. Martinez, Program\r Administrator, at the above letter head address. If you make a timely request, the Board\r will deem this letter of admonition vacated and may proceed with disciplinary proceedings\r in accordance with section 12-43-705(2), C.R.S.(1989), and applicable rules.\r If this letter is not vacated, please be advised that a copy will be forwarded to the\r complainant and the Colorado Board of Marriage and Family Therapist Examiners for\r inclusion in your permanent licensure record upon expiration of the 20 day notice period\r cited above.\r Sincerely,\r FOR THE COLORADO STATE GRIEVANCE BOARD\r Clair Villano\r Board Chair\r 0648f

  • The most dangerous family disaster

    I am a patient of his from an entire decade ago and I still hold great resentment and hatred for this man. Although he wasn't the only person to drag my family through hell for 8 years, he was a key role and was more than a vital participant in the damage that was done. For me to look him up a decade later, in hopes that he's been stripped of all practices tells you what a horrible person this man is. I wouldn't wish his advice or wrath on my worst enemy. As a current Psychology student, I'm amazed to see that he is still able to practice despite his obvious ethics

  • David Kieffer will hurt your family

    David Kieffer is the most unprofessional, unethical person I've dealt with in my adult life. And I had to pay for his unprofessional services - that really chapped my hide! Do not use Kieffer's services for ANY reason; he'll do your family WRONG! The only reason I gave him one star is because a rating is required. They should offer negative stars, I would've given him FIVE!

  • Great Doctor

    Dr. Kieffer has been a fantastic resource for us and our ADD son for over a year now. If you have a child with ADD I can't recommend Dr. Kieffer enough.


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