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New York City Animal Care

2336 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11208
Closed Now
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
(212) 788-4000Directions★ Review


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    Updated: 5/14/2015Posted: 9/12/2014

    I adopted one of the most gentle sweet cats I have ever known from the Brooklyn Shelter, with the help of Anjellicle Cat Rescue. Usually when cats first leave the shelter, they have some emotional issues to work through, especially after a long transport. I live in PA, so she was delivered by the Mayors Alliance directly from the shelter. I had been grieving the loss of my cat in February, and in July I adopted Cat aka Raven. She is truly a gift

  • Updated: 3/25/2016Posted: 6/27/2013

    Where do I even start. This shelter gave possibly one of the most obnoxious and rude service I've ever encountered. I have patience so I managed to get over the wanna drag give at front desk who cared more about her the gel she shellacked her hair with than the actual animals. So when I finally filled out an application and gave it back I expected, assuming she was literate, to actually read the application, but of course that to much to ask. What she did after she left the room for 40 minutes was not my business but assuming it had something to do with removing the large rusty pipe at of her buttocks. 40 minutes later right before I was about to lose she came in finally looked at my application and then proceeded to tell me I could not adopt because someone I lived with, who was not paying rent at that, had to be there. I literally spent an hour at this shelter just to be told by a beyonce in drag that I could not adopt. I literally will feed my pets to a large snake before I ever leave them with this incompetent organization.

  • Run away! And run fast! This ...
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    Posted: 10/23/2012

    Run away! And run fast! This place is a horrible place, I repeat horrible place to adopt a pet. Find another one to go to. My family and I have had three experience with this place in terms of adopting a pet and all of the experiences were horrible. We didn't realize we each adopted our pets from the same place until my very last experience with them. My family and I are hardcore cat lovers and each time we have adopted a cat, something was wrong with it. The first cat was my mothers. The cat she got from the shelter was a bit off. It kept licking itself and biting its fur. She had to take it back as she was spending too much money going back and forth to the vet to take care of it. The second experience involved my uncle adopting one. That cat was tearing up his furniture at every turn. Yes, my uncle had scratch pads and toys for it to play with, however it only played with, bit through and scratched up his furniture. Upon returning it, he realized he was the fourth person to do so. The third experience was surrounding my situation. I received a cat and in under twelve hours I had to return it because it was sick and started bleeding all over my house. I had to take it to the emergency vet and spent $113 on the visit. Did I also mention that I spent $60 to get the cat from the adoption center? In all of these cases, we were told that the cats were in very good condition. However, none of them were. I cannot vouch for any other their other animals, but in terms of the cats, save your money and the heartache. Go elsewhere.

  • Stay away. Yes you will be sav...
    Updated: 5/14/2015Posted: 9/14/2012

    Stay away. Yes you will be saving a life, but what if you have to return the animal anyway? Nothing was accomplished except heart break for you and the animal. Staff lies about the animal to get you to adopt. Staff is RUDE (yes, the girl at the front desk, you know who you are). Staff is HOSTILE and tries to bully you into keeping an animal that you are unable to keep. Horrible experience. Will adopt from a rescue organization that has more information about the animals, is willing to help match you with the right animal and has support services.


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