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  • Worst customer service I have EVER experienced :(

    BBB Case #: 19032305 Of course Walmart does not actively participate in ResellerRatings to monitor feedback - THEY DON'T CARE. I preordered SWTOR collectors edition in early october, they sent my preorder code just fine, and everything was dandy. I emailed three times asking if quantity was going to be an issue, to which they flat out ignored. However, since I got my code via mail I figured all was ok. Nope! I then got an email early December (thats two freaking months later) stating to 'ignore my account page showing the item is cancelled' then paypal emailed me stating that I was going to get a refund. then i emailed them asking what was going on. They didn't ignore me this time, and told me to ignore it, i was getting my item. then the refund actually processed and again they told me via email that my order was not cancelled - but when I called them, sure enough, the phone rep confirmed. lies, dishonesty, and the fact that I could have purchased this limited edition item from a different retailer - but due to their lies and greed (trying to sell more than they think they are going to get or have in stock) I end up getting screwed. Needless to say my son will be disappointed christmas time - thanks walmart! for making my christmas totally stressful and disappointing. First time customer (well, almost) - and defitely the LAST purchase I will ever make there. Money talks - I'm taking my money elsewhere, and would advise any of you reading this review to do the same, and save yourself the amount of time/effort/trouble that I have gone through. 2677063729577 10/14/11 order date - getting scr***d on 12-9-11 right before christmas also, i even complained to the BBB - I have never done that before. I never complain, the service was THAT BAD i felt compelled to. I guess when you lie to me it makes me mad.

  • Delivery after they receive your money

    As usual Wal-Marts service after the sale is horrible. My order was sent to the wrong store. A store that is three hours away from me. It took two weeks for my order to be delivered, and in order to get it shipped to the correct Wal-Mart I have to reorder the items that are on their way to the wrong store. Pay a second time, wait for the original items to be delivered to wrong store, get a refund and hope that the items paid for and ordered the second time will arrive before Christmas.

  • I am not a big Wal-Mart girl.

    I am not a big Wal-Mart girl. I must admit though that they do have their strong points. Specially their price points are good for people who need groceries for instance. Me, I go to WalMart when I'm out of town somewhere and need staples or something. That's when I gravitate towards this place.


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