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Starbucks Coffee

222 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02114
Coffee House, Diner, Cafe
★ Write a Review(617) 227-2959Directions
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Added on 08/24/2014

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  • The little things do matter.

    I love the seasonal Christmas blend from Starbucks. I am usually not a big fan of big corporate business, but times like today's moment is what makes me realize why Starbucks is successful. I ordered a tall Christmas Blend feeling the seasonal spirit today. *cheeky* I ended getting charged for a grande. I skeptically paid for the charge. I was curious and inquired as to why the cost has gone up. The cashier affirmed the cost is consistant to what I ordered; a ""grande"". I told him that was incorrect because I was holding a ""tall"". Puzzled, he looked at a fellow barista for consult. She took initiative and apologized profusely for the confusion. She instantly and incessantly handed me a coupon for a complimentary cup. She changed my tall to a grande, sans extra charges. I am so glad that Jen was there to give a great face to the corporate giant. Thank you so much for you help and making my Starbucks experience a good one. Sincerely, Happy Local Customer

  • A less crowded Starbucks

    The two Starbucks on Charles Street are always so crowded, but I consistantly can find a seat at this one.

  • ok, but i'd rather support local places

    the coffee's ok and i like the atmosphere, but i'd rather give my money to d.donuts or, even better, 1369!

  • hot stuff

    I find starbucks coffee to be rich in flavor and body. Their cappacino is one of the best.

  • Hooked on Starbucks

    I LOVE Starbucks. Not only do I go there 3-4 times a week, I also make my own cafe mocha in the morning, using Starbucks mocha syrup and espresso beans. Their chocolate brownie frappaccinos are also great!!

  • Absolutely the best

    I am not a US Resident but I have been to the states couple of times in different locations and one think that I definitelfy miss here at home is Starbucks Coffee. To begin the day with Caramel machiato is a pleasure. I wish we have them here in Macedonia, I would agree to anything just to hevae them here.

  • Dirty Water with a touch of earthiness

    I could not believe my eyes when I read that their morning brew was ""sophisticated and light-bodied"", or when I read that their kenya cup had a ""complex city attitude"". TALK ABOUT MARKETING! I think it is overpriced at least three-fold. Their coffee beans are over roasted (taste burned), and they water down their coffee. It is very bad tasting coffee and I do not recommend it to anyone that knows their coffee.

  • i luv starbucks!!

    starbucks is great!! i love the coffee, the atmosphere. the employees are always courtious and never in a bad mood...always friendly unlike other coffee chains were the employess bearly look at you when you're ordering. it's great that they take pride in there help and don't hire just any 16 year old looking for a job.

  • Bucks for coffee not for bagels

    much better than the watered down DD coffee. ALso I find that they are more consistent in terms of quality of coffee (I've never had to return a cup of coffee at Starbucks) One thing they need help on is decent (if not edible) pastries. Lost in the woods - I'd take acorns before a starbucks bagel.

  • Ugh!

    I always know when I'm near Starbucks, you can smell it a half mile away. You don't know if they are brewing coffee or pouring asphalt! Plus, all the yuppie 20 & 30 somethings have to be seen there along with the Martha Stewart types. Given the product & phony atmosphere, it reeks of ""bourgeois complacency""!

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