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  • Good Times!!!!

    The atmosphere is so cool and laid back. I had great laughs with all of the staff that I met, and the woman are incredible!!! Cover bands seem like the way to go everyone and I mean everyone was dancing and having fun.

  • Cheesiest place! uggh.

    Went, and first, the bouncers are jerks, then you go to this cavernous place that looks like its a movie set and cheesy and fake. When its empty, it has NO energy. The people were bridge&tunnel and the whole space seemed weirdly layed out. The food sucked and a $10 dollar cover was riduculous. Lacked energy

  • lookin for a great night out? go to Neds

    Parris is easily the best place Ive been to in Boston..........its a really cool place thats always full. I had a great time there and in Ned Devines.

  • I like it. I like it a lot.

    After waiting in line for twently minutes I was begining to think of trying some place else. Good thing I didn't, this is easily the coolest place to hang out that I've been to recently. Once the line got inside the building, I was able to get a drink from the bar downstairs while waiting to get to the dance frenzy upstairs. The band was really good (not sure who they were), covering all kinds of 90's and 00's rock favourites. I've been to the attached restaraunt (Ned Devines) after work since, and its also a great experience. A++

  • Parris is a sorry excuse for a bar!

    Parris is way overrated. It's not worth the $10 cover they charge. This place is an oversized frat party. The only accurate part of the editorial review was that it's like being in a school gym on prom night. The only place to lounge is on the 1 couch they have in the hallway. The bar is movable. The liquor sits on folding tables and worst of all, their mixers come from soda bottles. If this place wants to call themselves swanky, they had best start major renovations right now. Don't waste your time and money!


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