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129 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Italian, European
Closed Now
11:45 am - 10:15 pm
11:45 am - 10:15 pm
(310) 659-9639Directions★ ReviewOrder Online
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Green Tea Shave Ice

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    Posted: a month ago

    5 Stars for food but 2 Stars for services. Food is amazing, can't complain about that. The way they do oysters is so good you get to taste different flavors. They also have a very special shave ice for dessert. They drizzle green tea flavor syrup on top of this super soft shave ice (not chunky ice but very very fine shaved ice). In terms of services it was a big disappointment. At a place where 6 people spent nearly $1K for dinner, they never come back and refill our water. Instead we have to ask when we can catch one walking by. On top of that, kitchen made a mistake and gave our fried shrimp heads to the wrong table. Instead of fried more shrimp heads or comp our lost, all the waitress did was coming to our table telling us that the kitchen made a mistake and apologized. That was the solution? I think I'll take my business somewhere else with food just as good but better services.

  • Editorial review from Citysearch
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 6/14/2012

    Love this place. great fresh fish! worth every penny!

  • Old School is the Best School
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 6/17/2010

    I recently visited Matsuhisa and understand why after 26 years, its still in favor - this Chef's Special Menu is superb. The food is extremely fresh and tasty. \r \r Its a wonderful intimate setting, a nice change from crowded large impersonal restaurants. Service was very efficient and our waiter attentive.\r \r Seroiusly a wonderful evening and dining experience. After Matsuhisa, not interested in eating sushi anywhere else.\r \r As for price, you do get what you pay for and they are worth it for the quality of the food.\r \r \r

  • Bad Service & Food
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 5/6/2010

    We came all the way from Tokyo and made reservations for four and was assigned seating at the sushi counter. We were anticipating freshly made sushi from this reputable restaurant. When we arrived we were told that seating was being prepared and 30 minutes later we were led to a table. The person at the reservation desk ignored us and seated parties who arrived after us at the counter and was overall very impolite. The food offered at the table was not the same as the fresh sushi served at the counter. The sushi tasted as if they were made in the back room by amateures. The waiters were not knowledgeable about the food and the service was not personable. Reading the fine reviews of this restaurant, we expected much better service and food. We do not recommend this restaurant to anyone expecting fine sushi.

  • Love their Sushi - Spotted Vanessa Summers there
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 2/10/2010

    I was recently at Matsuhisa last Monday and I saw Vanessa Summers of the Online Marketing Academy eating a spring roll. How cool, I have been to her events in the pass and loved them. Of course I ordered the spring roll and it was yummy. I will be back

  • total disappointment
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 8/3/2009

    My friend and I went for celebrating our birthdays as our bds are very close to each other. As we both know that Nobu is a good restaurant, we wanted to try Matsuhisa for this event. However by the time we left, we might have expected too much... Food is just so ""okay"" here, nothing special. We ordered some sushi and the day's specials. Nothing to remark. The bill we recieved was over $260 as we expected. We would not felt expensive if we were satisfied with the food. Won't go back there for sure. I recommend Gonpachi across the street who serves much better food in great decor, with much less bill.

  • Overpriced and underwhelmed
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 12/30/2008

    I don't get why this is a well-respected restaurant. I hated it. The tables are so close together that you bump into other people or they bump into you regularly. The service was awful ... my waiter not only got my order wrong (bringing me food I didn't order, then charging me for it), but he never brought the rice I ordered either. And he didn't stop by the table except to bring the check. The food was ok, but definitely not worth the price. There are many other much better sushi restaurants in town.

  • Get the omakase
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 12/27/2008

    I don't think anyone can say that the food isn't good here. My friends and I had the omakase and it was amazing. My favorite was the soft shell crab. The decor is really casual and tacky, but in a charming way. The only downside is that this place is not for everyday dining for the majority of us since it is pricey.

  • Service needs work!
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 9/4/2008

    For the money you're spending here, it would help for the service to improve. The waiters don't know how to ""wait"" have to crane your neck to try to track them down to ask for something. They don't seem to care about their customers. Food was good, but definitely think it's overpriced. and incredibly small portions. You go for the scene, but if you want a good sushi place, there are plenty of better restaurants out there.

  • Disappointing
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 2/27/2008

    After dining at a few of the Nobu locations (which I like), we were excited to give Matsuhisa a try. Being an avid sashimi fan, i was VERY disappointed. The salmon was fatty and chewy, and the yellowtail and tuna were definitely nothing special. We also had the rock shrimp (which was fine - same as everywhere else) and a crab dish which was ok. The bento box dessert was not nearly as good as it is in the Nobu locations. For a $250 bill for 2 people, we could have done much better somewhere, probably anywhere, else. If you are looking for great sashimi I would definitely recommend Hokusai instead - it is amazing! Oh, and ambiance was poor (as expected). Hopefully the new Nobu opening on La Cienega will be better!

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