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Scottish Rite

1001 Johnson Ferry Rd Atlanta, Ga, Atlanta, GA 30342
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Children s Healthcare of Atlanta provides patient care, and research and education for children in Atlanta and more than 30 pediatric specialties. The organization was formed in 1998 after Egleston Children's Health Care System and Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center merged to form a unified health care system. The nonprofit organization operates through funding and grants, and serves children from all walks of life. It runs a children s hospital, cancer center and blood disorders service, neonatal intensive care unit, orthopedic program, and heart center. The hospital has been ranked in the top 10 children s hospitals in the United States by Child magazine.

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Scottish Rite Childrens Ctr


  • Anesthesiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Plastic Surgery
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    by  on 01/29/2013

  • BEWARE! Dr. Latoya Taylor & Children's at Scottish Rite Atlanta, Georgia
    by  on 09/29/2010

    Our experience at Children's at Scottish Rite was a lost for words. Dr. Latoya Taylor medically treated my child without my inform consent. Dr. Latoya Taylor outburst of tears and crying out loud in my child's room just a couple feet away from his bed was appalling and frightening. Dr. Latoya Taylor's bedside manners were nothing we ever experienced in our lives. I no longer wanted her service or desired to have my son further treated at this children's hospital and requested she no longer treat my son. I requested my child be taken to a different hospital and be medically treated by other doctors. Dr. Latoya Taylor had me arrest. Dr. Latoya Taylor wrote a letter and had my child taken from me by an agency DFACS. My child was taken from me for 17 days behind Dr. Latoya Taylor's actions. I was banned from the hospital. I tried to leave the hospital with my child to transport my child to another hospital and was arrested and jailed. The Sandy Springs police officer and hospital security guard kidnapped and held us hostage in my son's hospital room until I was removed out of the hospital. The officer and security guards and nurses ripped my son out of my arms. My son was struck in the face and was bleeding all over my shirt as he buried his head in my chest screaming and crying. They fought and pulled my child back in his room. They strapped in to the bed to keep him in the room. Nurses blocked his room door so he would not come out or I make an attempt to go in. I sat handcuffed looking into my child's bed room window watching him bleed and cry and yell and reach out for me. I burst into tears watching my son. The hospital staff, police and security did not allow me to comfort, touch, hold, or say goodbye to my child. Children's at Scottish Rite has a hospital handbook with patience right but not one was honored each patience right was violated. Georgia board of attorneys told me I had no case and no attorney in the state would take my case to court. Dr. Latoya Taylor, Children's Scottish Rite Hospital, DFACS, Sandy Springs Police are all above the law. To this day I have no idea what is in my child's body? I do not know what they did to my child? Dr. Latoya Taylor taunted the emergency consent to treat in my face telling me she had that document that is all she needs to do what she want with my child's medical treatment. Children's Scottish Rite lied to my mother my son's grandmother. The nurses told my mother my son would go home with her or be released to her. My son went to 2 different DFACS foster homes. Children's Scottish Rite and Dr. Latoya Taylor destroyed our lives. My son is terrified of new doctors and does not want to step foot into a hospital. My son was 10 when this happened now he is 12. I called the hospital to get my son's records they refused to give them to me. I spoke with Children's Scottish Rite head administrator and was told that Dr. Latoya Taylor is their doctor she is employed by the hospital and that they standby their doctor's actions, decisions, and behavior. All this took place because my son had an asthma attack and I brought him to emergency to be treated. My son was fined after receiving his treatments. My son's doctor and I have been managing my son's asthma since he was 1 years-old. All this took place while visiting my sister and her family from Ohio. Me and my family fought like hell to get my son back from DFACS. I got my son back after 17 days. We left and came back home to Ohio. Families BEWARE! Georgia has a medical-children's services agencies that are above the law and dangerous to encounter. They destroy families than help families. I feel real bad for Georgia families that have experienced DFCS and Dr. Latoya Taylor and Children's Scottish Rite Hospital.


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