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Oh My Nappy Hair

237 Mitchell St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303
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10:00 am - 7:00 pm
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
(404) 221-8900Directions★ Review



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  • worth the $

    Ive been natural for 2yrs, I usually do my own hair, but I needed a break. I went here hoping that it wouldnt be as bad as some of the places Ive been & since, I was referred by a coworker (who was transitioning) I figured it should be cool. Everyone was nice when I walked in. 2 ppl had just got their hair finished. I can tell one girl was a regular, the other girl said it was her 1st time, & she'd be bck. I really liked their hair! Usually I can tell how things will go, by how my hair is washed. It was one of the best Ive had in a loooong time! Erica did my hair. She was easy to talk to ( I had a lot of questions,lol) I expected to pay @ least around $100 (the going rate) & got what I paid for, she trimmed my hair to perfection! I got a mohawk w/ a rodset. No complaints here, I loved it...and I'll def be back!

  • Very Satisfied

    I'll admit that after reading some of the negative reviews I hesitated going here but, thank God I did!!! Sometimes other people opinions are helpful, but I liked to decide for myself (afterall, some of the feedbck is positive too). I just moved to Atlanta. I have locks and my 22yr old daughter is natural but wears her hair straight. I set up an appointment for both of us. When we got there we were greeted by Erica and another stylist. My roots needed to colored, but since Ive only let my stylist from my home town do it , I was just going to wait for her to do it, plus I was thinking if they're not good it's best to wait . I mentioned it to Erica. She explained that if she thought that she couldnt match the color she wouldnt take that chance She was helpful & seemed confident, so I agreed. The color was dead on! My daughter loved her hair too, plus she got a badly needed trim, no charge! We both left very happy in a timely fashion. Nice!

  • Twisted

    I went to the salon to get some two strand twists in my natural hair since I have never had my hair twisted by a professional. I wanted to see if there was a difference between a professional and what I can do at home since I usually do my own. \r \r The twists were tighter and more defined than my own twists, which will make them last longer. Overall, I received what I expected. I was able to walk in on a Saturday and leave within a reasonable time. Everyone here seemed to work as a team to ensure their customers were attended to. \r \r My only negative is the price. I paid $100 for the twsts, which I guess is the going rate. It is what it is, but from someone who is used to taking the 1-2 hours to do it myself that was a bit pricey. Overall, everyone was friendly and the service was nice.

  • Disappointed too and I haven't even been there!

    I'm with Misse21 on this. I'm growing my hair out and am looking for a salon that caters to natural hair. Like others, I was excited to find this place online. I am doing my research and this site comes up with this. I always read the reviews and like Misse21 with the disappointment. First, I noticed that the dates of the management/owner's replies are about a year and a half old which left room for hope that things might have changed. However, it is a sad statement that the manager/owner is so disrespectful and even replies to a client online in text message writing, of all things. You identify yourself as an owner and then write badly, adding to the negative representation that your business is already getting by an unsatisfied client. I understand your point about what wasn't put in the post by the unhappy client. It sheds some light on your point. Also, that you would name her though she didn't put her name in it, that displays a completel lack of respect of your client and frankly any client who will read this. You sound messy, extremely unprofessional and what's sad is that you're probably proud of the way you are behaving on here, ""defending"" your salon. To the contrary, you are damaging it and you cannot afford that these days, no matter how rich you might be. Sad situatioin that you are messing yourself up like this as it sounds like Zee is great and you have potential. I won't be going and will encourage others not to either.

  • This place is a NIGHTMARE!!!

    I got my hair colored recently and the owner Erica rendered my service. She was very aggravating because #1, she kept answering her cell phone and talking to everyone but me, #2 She rushed through my color to take another client and it didn't even turn out to be what I expected. I did pay $125 which is way too much for a completely unprofessional service. Never again will I return!!!!! EVER!!!!!! Oh and she was almost twenty mins late, which would have been ok if the service was worth it.

  • Does not use natural hair products

    The staff is very friendly and professional, however I was less than impressed by the products used. I was surprised that the my stylist used products containing petroleum and parabens (!) in my hair. She also sprayed my finished style (two strand twists) with (!) hairspray! I didn't even realize what products were being used initially as I completely relaxed expecting that as this was a ""natural hair care salon"", all of the products would be friendly to my hair. My scalp felt itchy and as a test I scratched my scalp and it flaked up from the hairspray. I went home upset and washed my hair out, $85 lost.

  • Disappointed

    I was looking for a natural salon and enjoyed reading the positive reviews, but the OMNH responders comments to the negative kind of give off attitude. There is a positive way to dismiss negative comments or simply ignore them, but the sly negative responses scream ""attitude"" and ""unprofessionalism"". Professionals do not care to reference dissatisfied customers as ""haters"", but rather wish to identify the problem and hopefully offer a welcoming attitude that can repair the damaged business relationship. Furthermore, if the reviews are false, simply don't respond. Just a tip from a potential customer who was discouraged to try your business because of the way you responded to negative comments.

  • Need a professional? Don't look here.

    My girlfriend had her hair done at this Nappy Hair. This was a bad day for me because she was basically traumatized for the rest of the day. My woman is smart beautiful and professional. This place is dirty, cheap and basically gets over on it's customers. i doubt they have many regulars. I will not go into detail; But this was an absolute waste of $125. She has short natural hair. This was a simple trim job and style at the most. Four hours later she just told them not to bother with the style. She paid the money and came home in complete disarray. Use a professional.. not them!

  • Zee Rocks

    Went from relaxed to natural, was scared at first until I started letting Zee take me there. She is very patient and honest, does not rush you to make a decision, always respectful and polite. as for the salon as a whole, Zee makes up for the other stylist.

  • Glad I tried them

    This is my first hair salon experience since I've gone natural and I have to say that I was very pleased with my results. First I have to thank all the ladies Monica, Zee, and Erica for making my experience a great one. I was there for about 2-3 hrs, but I completely understand and it's because of the process it takes depending on what you want and what type of hair you have. To sum it up, I went in for a press and curl and trim. Monica greeted me and immediately took me to get washed. I asked many questions and we decided to do a deep conditioner as well. The DC was excellent. It makes your hair soo soft, and also makes your scalp feel good. Once that was done Zee started on my hair and I can't believe how straight she got it. My hair is very very thick, but when she finished it was so bouncy and full of curl. I have gotten a lot of compliments and my hair looks healthy. I will be going back. Thanks Ladies!

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