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Nakato Japanese Restaurant

1776 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324
Japanese, Asian, Sushi
(404) 537-2869DirectionsMap
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Regular Hours
MONDAY - THURSDAY\n5:30pm - 10:00pm\nFRIDAY and SATURDAY\n5:30pm - 11:00pm\nSUNDAY\n5:00pm - 10:00pm\n\nWe will be happy to open of for PRIVATE EVENTS for LUNCH. Please contact

Message from Nakato Japanese Restaurant

Defining Japanese traditions since 1972
  • Traditional Sushi Bar
  • Bar and Lounge
  • Sizzling Hibachi Grill

Nakato Japanese Restaurant has been a Japanese family owned and operated restaurant since 1972.\nWe serve both traditional and hibachi/teppanyaki style favorites, along with the freshest selection of sushi in Atlanta.\n\nWe have a unique ability to provide a fine dining experience as well as a great group dining atmosphere in our high energy hibachi area.\n\nThe Nakato family looks forward to being a part of your family and friend's traditions!

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  • by  on 06/04/2015

    I took my family in here last Sunday and they all loved it. My mother in-law said that this is by far the best Japanese restaurant in the area.

  • THE WORST ! And all these 4 an...
    by  on 01/13/2012

    THE WORST ! And all these 4 and 5 stars MUST be the owners! . I planned my daughters 16th birthday dinner at this place. When I called and made the reservations for a party of 35, I asked and confirmed and then verified again they had seating big enough for ALL 35 guest to fit at the SAME table, I was ensured that they had the requested space and it would be NO PROBLEM to accommodate everyone. The host on the phone also wanted to make sure I understood they did NOT seat incomplete parties and went on and on about being on time for our reserved time. Will that was on a Thursday a week and one day before the party, due to the number of people in our party the Manager called me back on that following Tuesday to confirm all 35 guest would still be in attendance and the party was still on. I worked extremely hard and all 35 guest were in attendance 20 min BEFORE our reservations, and keep in mind most had to travel at least 35 – 40 miles to arrive. Turns out reservations for Nakato’s means arrive on time and WAIT an additional HOUR to be seated!. WHAT A JOKE!, I was given the outrageous excuse of them booking 2 parties for 35 people at the same time, same night, and get this we BOTH had the same name! yeah right. Needless to say due to the distance we traveled, the reason we were there, and the time we had no choice but to wait or take a 16 year old home very disappointed, AND on top of that we had to spread our party out between 3 tables! Disappointed is a understatement. I WOULD NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER GO BACK TO NAKATO JAPANESE RESTUARNT! AND WOULD NOT RECOMMEND them to my worst enemy!. They have to respect for their customers time or money, wait staff unprofessional, and to top of a horrible evening the valet tried to rip off one of my guest by stating he only gave a 5 when the guest actually gave the guy a 20….go figure.

  • an authentic Japanese restaurant I have long waited for
    by  on 03/08/2010

    A place to relax and let the food roll out of the kitchen and into your stomach while enjoying yourself with great friends. I've had great service. The first time I went to Nakato, I tested the server by asking them for an authentic meal. I didn't want the usual sushi rolls and some edamame to start. He coursed my meal as they do in Japan. The presentation was excellent and love their plates too. We also tried a couple of their different sakes and I really can't ever go back to house sake they serve at other restaurants ever again.\n\nIn the summer time, it's great to get out to their patio viewing their Japanese garden. When it's cold, the shabu-shabu and yosenabe (hot pot) are excellent. The fish is always fresh and I can't get enough of the different Japanese mushrooms (I get different dishes with different mushrooms every time I go). Everyone should try the gindara and I also like to end my meals with the soba noodles then for a twist, the favorite amongst all my friends--green tea creme brulee if I've remembered to make room for it. I wish they had lunch hours so I could try to make time to go more often since my office isn't far away.

  • Reservations? Wait time quoted? A joke...unless you are VIP
    by  on 03/07/2010

    While on a Saturday trip to the bustling Atlanta my friends and I had a craving for Asian cuisine. Discussing back and forth between Ty, Chinese, or Japanese we decide on Nakato Japanese Restaurant. Getting there before the ?Dinner Rush? we ask approximate wait time to be seated. None of us having ever been before; being from out of town we are informed that there are two types of seating, and two different menus for each area. Not offered menus to look at we are told by the hostess Hibachi food is only served on the Hibachi grill seating side. Selecting that as our section of choice we are told 15 to 20 minutes would be the wait time. Everyone in our party in agreement to the more then reasonable wait time we give the name of our party and move to the seating area inside near the bar. \n We wait 30 minutes decide to get some drinks to make the time pass and one of our party goes to check that they know our party is waiting. Told they are aware and we will be seated shortly we contently pass another 30 minutes talking and laughing. Over that time the restaurant steadily becomes bustling with patrons leaving, as well as, new customers arriving at their reserved times. When other parties arriving afterwards, without reservations begin being seated we chalk it up to party size that they need to fill all the seats around the grill. Convinced though there must be some mistake at the 1 hour and 30 minute mark we make our way, yet again, to the hostess area. The foyer is packed and peeking over the shoulders and through the arms I give the name and ask how much longer. I was told 10 to 15 more minutes they would come and get us. Relaying the message to my now ravenous friends they express their concern with the integrity of the information being provided. \n Looking for support from other patrons who appeared to be passed over as well we ask about reservations and what they had been told in wait time. Discovering that even with a reservation there were other groups not being seated and waiting for close to an hour. Puzzled by this we observed other customers walking right in and be seated immediately during the last good faith 15 minute wait. Approaching the hostess, yet again, to make our final inquiry/stand about the wait times and other customers clearly being shown preferential treatment we were met with the following. ?Those customers are VIP.? and ?Those customers are friends with the Manager.? Then when asked why they had not been honest and upfront in the beginning or any of the other times asked, her reply was, ?That?s why we don?t give wait times.? Other customers hearing this having observed our plight and witness preferential treatment, and quoted wait times made their exit with us. This of course does not even account for the customers with Reservations who gave up due to the commitment made not being honored. \n I do not recommend the Nakato Japanese Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia to anyone. I owe this experience to poor customer service, and the management/hostess forgetting who their true customer is. The daily droves off the street or travelers from out of town who have heard it was nice, not the ?VIP? who will patron, if lucky, once a month.\n

  • great night out
    by  on 03/01/2010

    loved this place. great atmosphere for date. love the spicy tuna roll and dragon roll.

  • celebrate something
    by  on 12/16/2009

    great place to take family and friends to celebrate a special occasion

  • Great
    by  on 01/22/2009

    I totally Love this place :-))))))

  • great customer service
    by  on 07/11/2008

    nakato is my favorite place... nakato has the best sushi in town... their fish is fresh everyday... n' they even got some of their fish flew from japan..\r\nask for special of the day...n' gotta have the sake.....\r\ awesome


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