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Greyhound Bus Lines

232 Forsyth St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303
Open Now
12:00 am - 11:59 pm
(404) 584-1728Directions★ Review



Regular Hours
Mon - Sun
12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Extra Phones

: (404) 584-1731

Baggage: (404) 584-1738

Greyhound Package Express: (404) 589-2583

General Info

Founded in 1914, Greyhound Lines Inc. is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation in the United States. The firm caters to the needs of more than 2,300 destinations with 13,000 daily departures across North America. Greyhound Lines Inc. operates through its subsidiaries in the United States, comprising of Valley Transit Company, serving the Texas-Mexico border, Crucero USA, serving southern California and Arizona into Mexico and Americanos USA, serving points in Mexico from Texas and New Mexico.

Payment Methods



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  • Details
    Posted: a month ago

    They don't care about their customers and their things,they are very unorganized customers service play around instead of getting their customers were they need to go and helping them,and the people in baggage claim need drug testing the way they are losing customers bags

  • How do you feel...?
    user avatar
    Posted: 1/29/2015


  • Two words BLATANT THEFT. I was...
    user avatar
    Updated: 7/25/2014Posted: 7/25/2014

    Two words BLATANT THEFT. I was told by customer service that there would be a place to park my car for the weekend, but the only parking available was rittled with homeless people(one even came up to my car and tried to run a scam on me as soon as I parked). A cop at the stations even warned me against parking my car there for an extended period of time! Tried to get a refund but I was not given one because, and I quote from a supervisor "I forfeited my right just because I did not feel safe parking there." (I did not realize my safety was not your concern!) What kind of customer service is that?! Will never use this service and will tell everyone I know not to either.

  • Terrible terrible terrible customer service
    Posted: 7/22/2013

    Greyhound: Terrible company Here was my situation, I paid $171.63 round trip for Daytona to Atlanta and back I traveled from Daytona Beach to Atlanta on 7/18/13. I stayed in Atlanta for 4 days... but during those 4 days I lost my round trip ticket to go back to Daytona Beach on 7/22/13. When I approached customer service and told them my situation they pulled up my information on their computer , checked my ID to verify that it was my ticket information on the cpu, acknowledged that I was the one who paid for the ticket, and after all that stated that I still had to purchase a whole new ticket. they would not do anything for me, they weren't willing to work with me, that was their final answer and they decided they were going to do nothing for me. My message to greyhound and to prospective customers is that accidents do happen, and I feel like customers who bend over backwards to pay money for a businesses service, should in return receive bend over backwards customer service.

  • user avatar
    Posted: 4/11/2013

    147 rings then it went to busy signal. Called back for another 45. Gave up and called Cincinnati OH. They answered in 7 rings put me on hold politely for about 2 minutes, came back and answered all of my questions. SHAME on Atlanta.

  • Lousey got to ask 1 question a...
    user avatar
    Posted: 4/28/2012

    Lousey got to ask 1 question and then got hung up on then tryed to call back no answer. They must not was buisness so if you want to travel by bus i'd use the internet. I would not recomed to anybody i know.

  • I have tried for 3 days to cal...
    Posted: 2/28/2012

    I have tried for 3 days to call to ask a question about the Atlanta Station. No one answers the phone???? What kind of business is this?

  • I Tried to call Greyhound to f...
    Posted: 3/23/2011

    I Tried to call Greyhound to findout information both in Atlanta and in Indiana and wouldn't you know it I got no answer at any of the numbers they listed. How do you expect to have a succesful business if you are not answering the phone for your customers?

  • Wasted Space for A Business
    Posted: 12/4/2009

    I attempted to call Atlanta station to check on the arrival time of a greyhound bus. I wasn't surpised that no one answered the phone at 10:52 am. What type of business are you running Greyhound??????

  • knowitall
    Posted: 11/12/2009

    You cannot get what you ask for. it keeps going to another site. I want ticket info and it is not giving it to me.This sucks and I use you all the time. this web site is no good. you need to change it to where it comes to you for what you want and not go all over the place like cheap tickets.com. I don't need that, I want Greyhound infl.

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