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19th Street Dental

232 19th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30363
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8:00 am - 5:00 pm
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(404) 567-8900DirectionsMap
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Mon - Fri
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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  • Very disappointed !
    by  on 06/14/2011

    UPDATE: Interestingly enough I still ended up paying for your office’s inadequate “data collection practices.” If you were straight forward from the beginning this would have never happened. Also, looking at the other negative review this was not the first time this happened. If you already knew that it’s an issue why not fix it before it happens again. I don’t have a way of knowing how many times it occurred in the past, but I doubt it was just two isolated incidents. I almost shrugged it off myself. Bottom line – it is what it is. I learned my lesson, you made ~$300 (insurance + me), and you lost a potential long term client as well as every person I know – hope it was worth it. Regards Very disappointed ! I submitted all of my insurance information online and over the phone, and had my previous dentist send my last x-rays (less than one year old). Subsequently I came in for initial consultation and cleaning. First red flag was the initial sales pitch. Dr. Patel took pictures (before cleaning) and gave me options emphasizing veneers while showing me images of my teeth before cleaning. I completed my cleaning and walked out thinking all is done. On the second visit I get invited to the office and the office manager/assistant shows me the bill for $169 because they are OUT OF THE NETWORK. First time I hear about this. They knew this before I ever showed up. As I paid for the full amount I was told that they will send me the panoramic x-rays because they are good for up to 3 years. When I asked about the ones from my old dentist conveniently they never received them. A lesson learned. Their service might be of good quality but I felt conned.

  • Don't be fooled!
    by  on 08/20/2009

    Don't be fooled by the flat screens and the nice office! Someone has to pay for it and it will end up being you! \r I went in for a regular 6month check up and everyone was super nice and Dr. Patel was attentive however....when they wanted to do more than necessary I asked if insurance would pay. They checked and said yes so I said ok go ahead with the extra cleaning (it was my 1st visit there so I guess they wanted to impress). Let me just interject here and say I have never missed a 6 mth cleaning in all of my life and my teeth are great! \r So fast forward..... I get a bill for 120$.... when I called to inquire they said they don't know why insurance won't pay. They tried to get them to pay but they won't. So how is this my fault I ask? No answer....\r Like I said, someone has to pay for that high rent and those lovely flat screens... BUYER BEWARE! Don't be fooled by a flat screen and a nice office and an Eglish accent.\r I am going back to my old dentist who is now in my neighborhood, making it all the more convenient.

  • Wonderful Dentist
    by  on 02/06/2009

    My experiences with Dr. Patel has been wonderful! He explains everything in detail and answers any questions without hesitation. The staff members are friendly and the office environment is pleasant. I am very pleased with the dental work he has done for me. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a dentist that does great detailed work and makes his patients feel at ease during the process.

    by  on 02/04/2009

    I have spent my entire life terrified of dentists and their evil hygienists! I always said ""I HATE MY DENTIST"". Then a close friend insisted that I give 19th Street Dental a try. After a month of building up the courage, I finally made the step to try yet ANOTHER dentist. Dr. Patel and his amazing staff took time alleviate any apprehensions I had, and I felt completely relaxed and at ease long before anyone looked inside my mouth! I have had a deep 2-part cleaning and three cavity fillings, all while watching my favorite channel on TV, and I can happily report that I never felt on twinge of pain or discomfort. Not one. I actually enjoy going to my dentist now! Dr. Patel is an amazing person. And his entire staff is wonderful! I LOVE MY DENTIST!!


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