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Smoky Mountain Custom Details

Asheville, NC
Open Now
7:30 am - 7:30 pm
(828) 423-2408★ Review



Regular Hours
Mon - Fri
7:30 am - 7:30 pm
7:00 am - 7:00 pm

General Info

 Smoky Mtn Custom Details is about customer service and satisfaction. We strive to "WOW" each and every customer.... one car/truck at a time. Our process allows us to give the customer  5 Star results without missing a thing. See our website for a more detailed overview. 

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Please call for info on directions for drop off as we have different shop locations. With our FREE pickup & delivery service we can make your detailing appointment very convenient.

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  • Posted: 6/16/2015

    I've been using SMAD for the last five years. If there is a better detail service in the area I've not found it and I tried several before finding SMAD. Reasonable prices and pick up and deliver at no extra cost. They always exceed my expectations.

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    Updated: 7/10/2014Posted: 7/10/2014

    They returned my car with the piece around the gearshift out of place. When they came out to fix it they CRACKED it removing it with a screw driver. They then refused to replace the piece for my audi when they called the dealership and found out the piece would cost $250. Do not use them. They are overpriced and you risk them damaging your car. They will not take responsibility for damage they inflict. Now I'm out $170 for the detailing during which they damaged my car, as well as having to pay $250 for the part they broke.

  • "I'm tellin' you, I probably h...
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    Posted: 6/19/2012

    "I'm tellin' you, I probably had the MOST neglected car they had ever seen. My 18 yr. old BMW who had seen brighter days, but after 'her work' has a second life and is gorgeous! the amount of detail it took was tremendous. If you only knew. I wish I had a before and after shot. Mark is extremely professional and a lot of pride and care goes into every car. Can't beat pick up and delivery!

  • My car was filthy, and the guy...
    Posted: 1/29/2011

    My car was filthy, and the guys over at Smoky Mountain did a great job. I almost didn't recognize it when they returned it, it looked so good. i recommend them to anyone looking to get their car detailed.


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