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Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care

1201 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28806
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9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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  • by  on 12/22/2015

    My child was having severe pain in her ear and SOM was the only place open at night. The front desk staff informed us the visit fee was $149.00 and must be paid up front before we would be admitted. I inquired about applying for financial assistance, per the countless pamphlets encouraging us to do so which scatter the waiting room. The staff informed us that we could only apply if we had the supporting paperwork, which would be my two most recent pay stubs. (Who really carries those around at all times and can produce them when an emergency happens, with no advance notice??) As you can expect, we did not have that information at hand, and so per the advice of the front staff, we had "no choice but to pay the $149.00 fee if we want to be admitted." So pay up we did, and the visit took all of 15 min and we received a prescription. This experience bothered me very much. What shocks me about this place is how cold hearted they seem to be when you have to do business with them, and are in the vulnerable position of having no other choice but get whatever medical help you can (and they know that you have no choice but SOM) and how this contrasts with the image they try to create with their marketing materials and videos that continuously loop on the 2 TV's. The merciful thing they should do is offer financial assistance which the average person, in need of unexpected emergency medical care, can reasonably expect to apply for and use to pay for their care. "Why doesn't our health insurance help?" you ask. Glad you employer's health insurance plan would cost us approximately 1/3 of our family's total monthly income, which as you might expect is completely unaffordable. And we do not qualify for subsidized health care with the ACA because my employer offers health insurance. So a lesson to you all, if you suspect you may have to pay for your care 100% out of pocket at SOM, bring you two most recent pay stubs so you have a chance at qualifying for financial assistance for that visit. (A new application is required at each visit).UPDATE-I have contacted SOM regarding my poor experience. I will provide updates on how they respond to my requests. If I feel they have rectified the situation, my rating will be changed to reflect my experience.UPDATE#2-I spoke with the office manager who agreed to allow me to apply for financial aid and possibly have any approved benefits retroactively applied to the fee we paid in the form of a refund. I submitted the application same day and she was quite supportive of that idea. So far so good...stay tuned. UPDATE #3 - The office manager contacted us and informed us that they processed our application. So, I recommend that if you plan to visit their office for medical care and would like to apply for financial assistance, have your documentation needed for their application.

  • by  on 08/22/2015

    Horrible experience there. The receptionist was very rude and mean. Witnessed her being very rude to a Hispanic man who couldn't speak much English. She said they didn't have any forms in Spanish and that he couldn't be seen unless he fills them out. Terrible insensitive place! The nurse and Dr however were nice and helpful

  • by  on 04/19/2015

    Don't go here. I got diagnosed with Shingles and did not get anything for pain. Not even Gabapentin. Anyone knows how awful the pain from Shingles is. I had to go back to another urgent care and pay AGAIN to get the Gabapentin.

  • by  on 10/14/2014

    I was quoted $179 for a walk-in and 1 lab over the phone. The wait time was supposed to be 30 minutes. We waited 5 hours, spent less than a half an hour with a doctor and a nurse, and were billed $410. This place is a complete scam.

  • by  on 04/08/2013

    The front desk receptionist /office person is rude, cold-hearted, and insensitive to people. It's the tone of voice she takes, she practically yells and is totally unprofessional. I do NOT understand why people like this work in the medical field. Urgent Care should urgently replace her. This is at the Patton Ave location. People are already dealing with enough when they walk into a place and the last thing they need to deal with is being yelled at. And she also YELLS across the lobby how much patients need to pay and WE NEED THAT PAYMENT UP FRONT!

  • DO NOT GO HERE!!!! My son had...
    by  on 06/05/2012

    DO NOT GO HERE!!!! My son had an ear ache and we thought something so simple wouldn't be a whole lot more expensive than taking him to his primary doctor. We were SO wrong. A physician's assistant looked in his ear, prescribed a Z pack, and the bill was $327!!!! Our insurance paid $291 and we had to pay a $35 co-pay. They should change their name from Sisters of Mercy to Sisters of Money!!! What a rip!!! The ER would have been cheaper!


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