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549 W Intl Airport Rd Ste B2, Anchorage, AK 99518
(907) 562-1092Directions★ Review



Regular Hours
Clinic Mon-Fri 10am-4pm; Spay/Neuter by Appointment Only; Thrift Shop Mon-Fri 11am-7pm; Sat 10am-6pm

Extra Phones

Phone: (907) 562-2999

Phone: (907) 561-5549

Primary Phone: (907) 562-2999

Fax Number: (907) 868-2883

Payment Methods

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  • ASPCA Neuter Clinic
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 3/1/2012

    ASPCA Neuter Clinic Reason for visit: Toy poodle (5yrs) & hound mix (4yrs) neutering. Both males. Reason for neutering: sexual urges w/ frustration & updating on vaccines Cost: much cheaper than VCA clinics and offer discounts for those who have little money Results: Dogs do not have sexual urges. It takes a few months for the hormones to get out of system. Result is happier owner and happier dogs. Customer Care: They even removed a baby tooth that was in the toy poodle?s mouth for no extra charge. Dog?s experience: Sleepy first day after surgery from anesthesia. Next day they behaved normal. They did not show any pain. They did not need cones; they did not seem to notice they were neutered.

  • Friendly Staff, Well Socialized Dogs
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 5/22/2009

    We recently adopted a dog from the SPCA. Our experience was very positive. We felt no pressure to make a decision and they let us take the dogs for walks to get to know them better. They sat with us on our multiple visits and answered all of our questions. They have a 10 day waiting period so if you get the dog home and it doesn't fit in with your family you can still return it to a safe place. The dogs we met at the shelter will well socialized because they live in large pens together with other dogs. The dogs also have large indoor and outdoor spaces to run and play. It is not as the same as a home, but it is a much better environment than the pound. I would encourage any person or family who is looking for a pet to check out what the SPCA has to offer.

    Updated: a month agoPosted: 1/14/2009

    What is your problem, you just have to lie about everything until you can't tell up from down. The adoption center does great, they do not adopt animals with out being filling cared for, yes that includes vaccines. You are so sad and pathetic to still be tossing around this lie, lets grown up shall we. Craigslist, zootoo, and what ever you can get to you lie on. Leave the mccombs alone it is not their fault you are a failure that can't admit it. This is a good organization, with good people running it. If you are too sucked into you world of denial to see that than shame on you Tony and Kathy!! Oh yes I know who you are, it's no mystery you were FIRED and that is the reason for this dumb stuff. You sat behind a desk did nothing fought rick every step of the way and for what? So you could slander his families good name. Dogs spent years there under your time there, thats not right what kind of life is that for a dog, they need that family life not a pin they stayed locked in. If you think the animals where happy that way you must have a twisted and almost sick view. Rick and his dad have done wonders with the place you could never come close to. It always stunk and looked like a mess. He even offered to let you live there and work else were when things didn't work but you couldn't shut your mouth, You had to spout nasty things to the new employees. You people really have no room to talk at all.\r \r Bottom line get a life and stop hindering the lives of the animals you so care about. Gees I do believe that they should make people take an IQ test before owning computers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Truth About The Alaska SPCA
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 2/11/2008

    As a one time, long term employee, there is no job security no matter how long you work with them and no matter how genuine \r you are with animals or to the cause. It once was a great place to work but it has turned into a family run business with their own set of animal care rules (which\r strongly favor pitbuls) often not conforming to the local animal control regulations at the adoption center (in which their yearly license is obtained.)\r I have seen many good people come and go when the mood strikes them. The Alaska SPCA, under the new director, his wife, and son, has 2 faces, one is, \r your great as long as the people benefit from you...the other is once your resources run dry they discard you. They have a history of \r discarding good people with as little as a phone call and then trying to deny them unemployment or workers comp because their insurance rates would appreciate.\r They claim to be a non-profit, but their assets are not public as they should be and all staff are paid...some are paid very well. The adoption ceter has adopted \r animals out that have not been updated on vaccinations or microchipped as adopters have been led to believe. They do not place donations or berievments\r in the department they are intended.


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