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Run To The Sun Tanning Salon

3555 Arctic Blvd Rm C4, Anchorage, AK 99503
Closed Now
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
(907) 563-2659Directions★ Review
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Regular Hours
Mon - Fri
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sat - Sun
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Extra Phones

Emergency: (907) 952-3666

General Info

Run to the Sun Tanning has long been a part of the Anchorage landscape. We stand apart from other local salons in that we put education first, encourage responsible tanning, and recommend tanning plans based on the customers skin type, and tanning goals.
Sun Your Buns @ Run to the Sun!

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Tanning rooms are equipped with wipes, antiperspirant, towels, and radios. All staff is Smart Tan Certified, and can answer questions customers have about tanning & spray tanning. A vanity for freshening up after tanning is also available.


Run to the Sun Tanning Salon is located at the corner of C st. & Tudor Rd. in midtown. You can find us in the mall next door to TGI Fridays.


Member of Smart Tan International


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  • ...
    by  on 04/28/2011

    Obviously 'run to the sun' writes their own reviews. Thats tacky. The salon would be a lot nicer and clean looking if their wasn't a dog running around. What if your customers were highly allergic to pet dander? Yikes.

  • There really is a difference
    by  on 01/09/2010

    I regularly work out at the gym. Provided as part my membership I get unlimited free tanning-this being said, I found that (1) visit in the high quality and modern high pressure tanning beds, makes me tan better than 3-4 visits at my gym. I wouldnt have believed it if I hadnt tried their beds and seen the results myself. The spray tanning at this salon is awesome! I've tried that as well. You will get the benefit of great natural looking color in a matter of hours. I love the benefit of light from the tanning beds. At times however, my personal schedule conficts have posed a problem in getting a few actual tanning bed sessions in before a trip. I highly recommend utilizing the professional spray tanning services at Run to the Sun. You will end up with a natural even looking tan and it lasts the entire duration of what a bed tan will. I love this salon and will use and recomend it to anyone who wants to improve their Arctic appearance!

  • The sun always shines at Run to the Sun
    by  on 12/18/2009

    Thank you is the the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Run to the Sun! The staff at the salon are the happiest girls in town,must be all that vitamin D they get from the tanning beds. They will also be able to answer all your tanning questions because they are Smart Tan certified.Let's not forget the spray tanning. Hey I'm not a spray tan expert but the spray tan techs at Run to the Sun again can answer all your questions.I say go tan at Run to the Sun and you wont want to go anywhere else.

  • Make tanning fun…Run to the Sun!
    by  on 12/08/2009

    Have you ever waited for a tanning appointment in awkward silence, staring at travel posters on the wall so that you don’t appear to overhear the desk clerk’s caddy high school phone conversation? BORING! Wouldn’t you rather get your dose of Vitamin D somewhere you can laugh, relax, and enjoy yourself? That’s why I ‘Run to the Sun’! The decor is always sunny and tropical, no matter what the weather is like outside. And more importantly, the staff is welcoming, upbeat, and professional. They keep the atmosphere at Run to the Sun both laid back and fun. Better yet, they happen to be experts on the science of tanning. (Yes, there is a science to it!) I have yet to ask the staff a question they couldn’t answer about the levels of tanning, tanning beds, lotions, after tan care, or the effects of tanning. They even have sunless tanning specialists!!! The staff is educated to help you achieve the most healthy, beautiful tan possible. I mean, WOW! That’s customer service! Even If you don't feel ‘chatty’ they have plenty of things to interest you. You can shop for Tommy Bahamas beachwear, or peruse the super sexy Miche bag collection. Or my personal favorite - play with the Run to the Sun mascot, Rex!!! I promise, you'll have fun at Run to the Sun, Jess_Be

  • spectacular tanning experience!
    by  on 12/08/2009

    Run to the Sun Tanning Salon has great tanning beds. My favorite beds are their levels 1 & 2. Upon going there for the first time, I didn't understand the difference between the beds, but their knowledgeable 'tanning techs' explained everything. All of their employees are Smart Tan certified so they know what they are talking about. Their girls explained the differences in the lotions and helped me find the best one for me. Run to the Sun has a spectacular staff and their customer service is top of the line. Best tanning salon in town, by far!

  • Perfect Tan!
    by  on 03/08/2009

    i have never had a ""fake"" tan before. but, i was on my way to the Carribean and didn't want to look like the underside of a halibut! the Run to the Sun staff were informative and efficient. The process took about ten minutes and the results were incredible! i was able to step right out on the beach looking great! just remember to use lots of sunscreen, as this ""tan"" doesn't protect you from the sun. \r i highly recommend Run to the Sun and am certain to be back there myself soon. this was the best fifty dollars i have spent in a long time!\r

  • This is the best place to get a spray tan. The girls who work there really gave me good tips for how
    by  on 02/09/2008

    I have tanned here for years, the new owners have made the place so nice. They keep it so clean and, I always get great results on the tanning beds. \r The spray tan is amazing! I had not been in tanning and suddenly realized the military ball was this weekend. I was so white, which did not look good in my dress. After hearing about Spray Tanning, I decided to give it a try. The girl who set up my appointment, made sure I understood how to get ready. Christina was the girl who sprayed me, she was so nice, and knew so much about being spray tanned.\r The tan I got from the spray was so much nicer then the tan I get from tanning on the beds. The best part was I was tan overnight, ready for the ball tonight.


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